"So you're really telling him?" Taylor whispers, shocked that I'm even informing her of this

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"So you're really telling him?" Taylor whispers, shocked that I'm even informing her of this. "The whole story?"

I nod and shuffle around my textbooks while stacking them inside. "Yeah. He needs to know that I'm not being a bitch for no reason."

"Why would he think that?" She rubs her lips together, snapping her compact mirror shut.

I slowly shut my locker and face her while leaning on the metal. As I open my mouth to talk I notice Rhys standing across the hall with some girl. He's leaning on the locker with a small smile and I feel a painful twist in my chest at the sight as she laughs.

Slowly my facial expression falls and I know the sour look is overcoming my face. Taylor furrows her eyebrows and looks around letting out a low 'o'. I flicker my eyes between them and Taylor before resting on them across the hall with a fire in my gut.

The girl isn't someone I recognize but I'm assuming she's in our year. I thought Rhys didn't talk to others. She pushes off and places her hand on his shoulder batting her eyelashes at him. My nails dig into the locker on instinct, noticing the way his eyes trail down her figure.

"Who the hell is she?"

Taylor doesn't answer and I figure how stupid my question is, especially when Rhys removes her hand from his shoulder. He gives a small smile and says something that I don't understand, like that her reaction turns sour before she stomps off down the hall after slapping him.

"I don't think it really matters because she got rejected," She stiffles a laugh and sighs. "What does matter is the fact you had jealously radiating off of you."

"Can you blame me?"

I close my eyes realizing what I just blurted out. "Seriously? Rhys likes you for you and there's no reason to be insecure or jealous."

"Is she okay?" I open my eyes as Rhys stops beside us. "Are you okay?"

Nodding I readjust my posture or more so retract my nails from the locker. "I'm perfectly fine. Are you ready?"

"Let's go," He gestures for me to walk and I do while Taylor gives me a thumbs up. I adjust my bag strap on my shoulder only to feel his fingers brush against my hand. "I'm guessing you saw Emma's attempt to seduce me."

"What makes you say that?"

"There's no reason to be insecure or jealous, Taylor kind of gave it away."

I huff. "I'm not like that. I don't do the jealously stuff."

"I don't mind if you are because it tells me you care about us," He opens the door for me and I hesitantly step out into the nippy air. "There still is a us, right?"

Rhys seems awkward asking that question and by the wide eyes he's nervous. I stop walking, tilting my head to the side as he fidgets for an answer. A sad smile smiles onto my lips and I speak a truthful answer that could potentially end up becoming a reality.

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