"That sounds really cute," Taylor whispers, trying to keep her voice down so Rhys can't here

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"That sounds really cute," Taylor whispers, trying to keep her voice down so Rhys can't here. "I didn't think he was capable of being so sweet. . ."

I nudge her while my cheeks blaze with heat. "Well he is but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want anyone to think or know that he is."

My eyes flicker to Rhys who is currently biting on the back of his pen, listening to the teachers criticism on his essay. I notice when he nods he pulls the pen out, seeming to absorb everything. He seems so focused when it comes to school, like he takes his learning extremely seriously.

For a moment his eyes flicker up, locking with mine. One side of his lips curl up into a smile before they drop back down while the smile stays. However in my peripheral vision I notice someone turn around in their seat.

When I look at the person I don't miss the glare being sent my way from the dark haired girl. The ends of her hair are dyed a vibrant blue that almost match her eyes. Why is she glaring at me? Her eyes move between Rhys and I before she mouths something.

Watch yourself.

What the hell does that mean? "Are you even listening to me or to busy staring at Rhys?"

"I'm not staring at Rhys," I mumble, turning back to Taylor who grins in the slightest. "Do you know the girl with dark hair, blue tips and eyes?"

Taylor's eyes do a double take and her eyebrows furrow. "She's glaring at you. Why is she glaring?"

"I have no idea." Taylor hums and shrugs.

"Her name's Hayden. She's in most of my classes," She purses her lips, trying to think of something. "Except Art, she dropped it at the start of this year but I think she was friends with Rhys actually because talked a lot. Maybe she had a crush on him or something."

Huffing I spare her a glance as Rhys walks back, taking the seat beside me and almost instantly her glare falters as she goes back to work. I cluck my tongue which accidentally gains Rhys' attention, he raises an eyebrow and I shake my head.

"What's wrong?" Once again I shake my head, feeling put off by that. As I go to write he steals my pen making me roll my eyes. "Kira."

"Stealing my pen is a bit childish. . ."

Rhys grins and then grabs my pencil case as well. "Well I don't care if it's childish just tell me why your mood changed?"

"No. There's some things you don't need to know," I mumble and shrug while Taylor snorts. "It's nothing bad or worth mentioning. Now can I have my things back so I can hand in an essay by the end of the lesson or are you explaining to my dad why I got a detention?"

He licks his lips but puts my things back. "Are you still coming over after school?"

"Yeah I just need to give Blair something before we go," I respond while re-reading my last sentence. "I'll meet you at your car. Okay?"

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