"What are you doing?" I jolt up only to see Jordan click the safety off the gun which ceases Nate's struggling

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"What are you doing?" I jolt up only to see Jordan click the safety off the gun which ceases Nate's struggling.

"I advise sitting down, the both of you."

He shoves Nate forward and I'm quick to latch onto him, maneuvering on instinct to shield him from the weapon being aimed at us. I grip onto his arm in a death like grip and feel him lower behind me to sit down.

"Why are you doing this? You weren't one of the people on the list."

Jordan's eyes narrow and he steps closer while keeping the gun pointed at me. "My sister was and she didn't like what she saw in that text. Does the name Hayden ring a bell for you?"

"Your freak of a sister who was obsessed with my brother, yeah I remember her."

When he gets closer and tries to aim the gun at Nate I step in front of it again. My grip loosens completely and I try not to burst into tears at the cold barrel pressing to my chest. It's directed over my head and I notice Jordan blink multiple times in shock at my guts.

He isn't going to hurt Nate - he's his own boyfriend for christ sakes.

"Hayden had a thing for Rhys?" I try to keep his focus on me rather than Nate. "You may want to fill me in on that one. Rhys isn't particularly willing to bear information about the past."

Jordan's eyes stay focused on mine and he grits his teeth. "He made her feel like a freak because she was in love with him. He didn't have to brutally dump her but he did because he's a heartless bastard."

I bite the inside of my cheek to stop from commenting on that one. Rhys never mentioned another - unless he meant the one who tried to plan a wedding. But he never gave me a name and I'm assuming that would be Hayden.

"Maybe your sister should learn to take a hint when a guy isn't interested."

I grit out, knowing that my comment was stupid. He reacts instantly and swings the gun directly at my face. I hit the ground instantly with a throbing to my cheek and blood in my mouth. Nate is beside me instantly and I squeeze my eyes shut at the pain to avoid crying out. 

Okay, no more provoking. That's a bad idea and one that's going to result in one of us getting hurt severely. I hear the door bell ring and open my eyes to look at Nate who has tears glossing over his eyes with a look of anger that I recognize from Rhys' facial expression. They really are brothers.

"That would be the last person to arrive." Jordan backs away and I wait until he's out of sight before grabbing my phone.

I put in the code and pass it off to Nate when I hear the door open. Using my body as a shield I watch him go to messaging and select the last person I contacted. The door closes shortly and just as Nate sends a SOS - NATE.

"Who's ready to get this party started!" My blood runs cold and I turn seeing the person they were supposedly meeting.

Dominic carries a hammer in his left hand while grinning brightly at us. Now he is someone I know will hurt us. His lips slip into a frown and he shoves Jordan with a tsking sound.

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