From Rhys🍣Why are you ignoring me?

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From Rhys🍣
Why are you ignoring me?

I lock my phone once I've read the text, turning my attention back to the movie playing on the big screen. Beside me I see Taylor curled up into the seat while covering her face with her cardigan although she's still watching.

An agreement we came to was that if I went to the movies with her, I could pick what we watched. Her parents are being overbearing to the point she's almost at cracking and telling them truth. Because they attempted to set her up on a date.

Taylor lied and said she had a date tonight, she just left out the part where it's with me. But they don't need to know that.

Instead of suffering through a date with a guy she wouldn't be attracted to and purposely ruin it, she's suffering through the new Annabelle movie. I don't mind paranormal movies; when it comes to horrors along the lines of Saw and Chainsaw Texas Massacre I'm the one hiding.

The credits start rolling on the screen and I stand up to stretch out my legs. I see Taylor do the same but she flashes the people infront of us a nervous smile while getting glares in return. Clearly they're still upset about the popcorn that was flung at them accidentally.

"Sorry about that," They scowl and walk down the aisle towards the exit before she faces me. "I don't get how they scowled at me when your phone kept buzzing every ten minutes."

As if proving her point my phone buzzes again. "I didn't scream constantly."

I pick up my jacket from the chair beside mine and hand her the empty bucket thanks to her jump. She takes it as well as her water bottle while I pick up my large coke, moving along to the exit. On the way out she dumps her rubbish and I hand her my drink in order to put my jacket on.

"So who was texting you?" She asks and I shake my head, adjusting the collar and hair so it flows down my back. "From that response I'm assuming Rhys."

I take my drink back as we start towards the carpark. "And Blair. She wants me to join the team still and after yesterday she's more persistent."

"Well you did join in and didn't actually walk out for a change," I run my tongue over my teeth and glance to Taylor who smiles. "You should seriously consider it because by the sounds of it you enjoyed yourself and it came naturally."

"I don't want to dance anymore," The lie rolls off my tongue and I press the elevator button, facing Taylor while we wait. "I'm not going to do something I find point-less."

My eyes drift over to timezone mentally cursing myself when I see Rhys with Lachlan. I turn my attention back to the elevator pressing the button multiple times as if it's going to make it come faster. In the metal reflection I see Taylor turn as well although the doors open, we've already been spotted.

"Kira!" Rhys calls as I step inside, waiting for Taylor to do the same. "Taylor, hold the elevator."

She steps inside and I pull her back from the doors, pressing the button although not quick enough. A hand stops the doors before they shut and I press my back against the metal box and curse under my breathe as they open again.

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