"You really need to wake up, everyone is worried about you

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"You really need to wake up, everyone is worried about you."

The voice is muffled like my head is under water. I can feel the strain on my lungs just like every limb is like a dead weight. Panic shoots through me when I can barely move and my chest rises and falls heavier to the point my back arches.

"Did you see that?"

"Kira, wake up. Come on, we're here for you - it's Taylor and Blair."

I try to stay calm and focus on moving despite feeling like my heads going to explode. My hearing picks up in a single rush, machines beeping and faint talking coming from around me. I try to open my eyes only to be blinded by white light.

"Kira! Go get her dad and say she's waking up." Taylor barks and the warmth around my hand tightens.

I wriggle my fingers and bend my toes, lulling my head to the side to squint around the room. Everything feels sluggish and from the view of a monitor with a cord being lead to the back of my hand, I realize I'm in the hospital.

With strain I turn my head back and try to make out Taylor's face but groan at the light blinding me. The pressure from my hand is released and shortly after the brightness fades as I make out a figure by the curtains. She comes back giving a soft smile.

"Sorry. I forgot how bad the light can be when you wake up," I lick my lips, mouth feeling like I swallowed sand and burnt my throat out. "You've been out of three days, the doctors were concerned with your blood loss and I would try not to sit up or move with your injuries."

Closing my eyes again I take a deep breathe while moving the hand without a drip in it to pull the blanket down. I peer down through the gown rather than flashing Taylor to see what she means. My breathe hitches seeing my whole stomach wrapped  with bandage that's stained with red in a circle, a matching one on my shoulder.

"What-" I clear my throat and look up slowly, relaxing as all energy ceases to exist despite how panicked I feel. "How?"

Her smile is fake and strained but before she answers I hear the scuff of shoes. "Kira, you're awake."

Dad moves in and over to me quickly, leaning down to press a kiss to my forehead. Over his shoulder I see Blair biting her nails in the door way as if she looks nervous. She doesn't bite her nails and I groan when trying to shift in bed.

"Do you think I should alert a nurse or doctor?" Blair asks and dad nods, grabbing onto my hand gently. "Taylor come with me."

Both girls leave and dad smiles down at me, looking exhausted which I'm assuming are from stress. His eyes are slightly red meaning he's been crying and I feel guilty for putting him through this.

"You have no idea how glad I am you woke up. I'm so sorry this happened to you-"


I close my eyes, remembering vividly what happened before hand. Dominic and Jordan holding Nate and I hostage while the guys had to hear what was happening. Sucking my lips in I can feel the tears welling and when I open my eyes a sob breaks out.

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