From LachlanRhys found him

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From Lachlan
Rhys found him. I'm meeting him at his place in an hour to go track him down.

Rubbing my face I try to wake myself up at the text that woke me from my nap. I had my phone beside my ear when I fell asleep from being on the phone with him. The high pitched ding woke me up and I feel a flare of anger that Rhys used it against me to make sure I was unaware.

To Lachlan
Thank you. Keep him there for me.

I sit up and kick the blankets while still feeling nauseous. I've got a stomach bug I think or the early stages off one which is why I called Rhys. We had planned to go to the aerial tower across the road from my old house for a picnic but I cancelled. I didn't want him getting what I could possibly have.

Stripping down I put on a bra, jeans and a black tee shirt before brushing my hair. The tug on my scalp hurts my head further and I make a mental note to take a panadol before I go to sleep. I leave it down to avoid anymore pain and sit down with my socks and shoes as my phone dings.

From Lachlan
Remember this is a transaction Kira. I love ya like a sister but don't screw me over.

I lace up my converse once the socks are on and take my phone. Once I've grabbed my car keys from the dark area of my room I make my way downstairs to see if Dad needs anything. My phone beeps again and I sigh to read the demanding text.

From Lachlan
A deal is a deal.

To Lachlan
I'll send you Jamie's number once I arrive, I promise.

Biting the inside of my cheek I look up to see dad lounging back with a remote resting on his chest. His eyes move over to me and he pauses whatever he was watching on the TV.

"Hey I'm going to Rhys' for a-"

"I need to talk to you about something before you go," I tense in the slightest and he gives a soft smile. "For a while now I've been unhappy with my job and I've been talking to someone who owns a law firm in Washington. He's asked if I would be interested in jumping ships."

"Oh." I blink a few times at the information, stomach churning at the realization. "That would mean we would have to move, right?"

Dad nods with a grim expression. "I know that it would be hard on you because-"

"Dad I don't want to move. I'm finally happy - I don't want to leave."

"You'll still be able to text and call-"

"You can't be serious. I am not moving states when I've finally got my life back on track,"My tone becomes defensive and dad seems a little shocked by it. "I'm happy for the first time since mom died, extremely happy and moving away will change-"

"We aren't moving," He raises his voice to stop me from ranting further. "Yet. I know you're happy because I can see it with my own eyes. But things aren't safe anymore; with the emails of you and Rhys, my attack and Taylor's it seems like someone is after you. If this is from my job at the moment, the best thing that can happen is if we move to keep you safe."

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