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My arms throb violently while Rhys seems unaffected by holding his hands up with boxing pads. I lean over with a groan, not liking the fact I'm in pain everywhere from the training session he's pushed me through. I thought it would be an hour at a time, just to ease me into it.

This is hour three and I'm utterly exhausted.

"How much longer?"

"You wanted me to train you so that's what I'm doing." His tone remains cold and for a moment I feel like I'm left with an emotionless Rhys until I look into his eyes.

They hold concern and I see his mind thinking he's pushed me too far. I've had enough of punching his hands, push ups and doing planks. He said the only reason I'm not doing anything else is because of my ankle.

"Three hours is overkill," I exhale, standing up once I catch my breathe. My punches cross one another and get progressively weaker, until he breaks the pattern by batting me in the head. "What the hell?"

Rhys smirks and does it again, only this time I deflect it with my arm. My eyes widen at the reflex but it doesn't last long when he brings his knee up to graze my stomach. I purse my lips, pushing his knee back down and he chuckles.

"I get you're tired but you're getting there with reflexes," He tries to hit me again and I repeat the process, blocking his knee this time and ducking at the swipe. "Try to hit me."

My hand shoots out to hit his chest but he grabs it, yanking me against him with my arms criss crossed over my chest. "I swear you like doing this to me."

"Well I like having you against me if that's what you mean," He whispers, kissing my temple before letting my arms go. "Okay. This time you need to deflect the hits because there's going to be a bit of strength behind them. I'm not intending on hurting you, okay?"

I nod and motion for him to start. He hesitates, bringing his knee up first this time. I press it down, hands stinging at the impact. Okay so he wasn't kidding. I duck at the swipe and deflect another knee shot.

He throws a few jabs, each blocking with my arms until the pain gets too much. "Rhys stop!"

I raise my voice hoping he will listen but he doesn't. Continuing to block his hits, I persevere through the pain until I grow tired and throw a punch to his shoulder. He steps back in shock, raising an eyebrow and I go to kick him in the side only for him to catch my leg.

"Why did you tell me to stop?" He asks, chest rising and falling as he inhales oxygen.

You were hurting me.

"My arms hurt," I technically tell the truth, leaving out the part where he caused it. He already thinks I shouldn't be doing this and if I can't take a few light hits than he proves his point. "I'm fine."

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