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My fingers fiddle with the hem of my dress feeling slightly anxious about getting out of the car

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My fingers fiddle with the hem of my dress feeling slightly anxious about getting out of the car. You always look like a princess in a dress, my beautiful princess. Mom would always make the same comment whenever I would wear a dress, it gave me confidence and made me feel good about myself. It's why I'm wearing one today.

I need to feel good when today is undoubtedly going to be difficult to get through. It's mom's birthday and this year I'm actually going rather than wallowing in self pity at home.

Taking a deep breathe I force myself out of the car only to crash into someone. "Sorry."

"It's fine. Kira, right?" I close the car door with furrowed eyebrows. "Oh. I'm Dominic but you can call me Dom. We had English together last year."

My eyes flicker across his face trying to remember him but I'm drawing a blank. I don't recognize him - in fact I've never seen him - but I guess last year was kind of blurred for me. It was more of go to school, endure it, come home, repeat. I didn't bother acknowledging anyone else but the girls.

"Sorry I don't remember you," I apologize, slipping my keys into my bag before putting it on my shoulder. "For future reference you might want to be careful when walking past parked cars."

Smiling softly he nods, running a hand through his dark hair. I stop for a moment as my eyes land on the tattoo peaking out from his neck of what looks like a dragon, specifically one I've seen before in a certain gallery exhibition. His dark eyes  meet mine and I notice his expression change within an instance.

"I'll be more careful next time." I try to keep a mask of innocence up but I'm not sure if he's convinced.

The words he spoke were cold to match his facial expression and almost soulless eyes. It's like he had a complete shift in moods. I feel my fingers itch knowing that I need to get into school - where there's more people - because the numbers are slowly dwindling.

I step around him and onto the pathway, stopping in my tracks as an idea comes to mind. This will either expose what I'm thinking or wash away the doubts of him being one of the people on the list. I spin around noticing the flicker in gazes from deadly back to inviting which sends a chill down my spine.

"Are you coming? School starts in five or so minutes." I smile as if I'm not mentally screaming at myself for being an idiot. Dom looks between me and the building, I gesture to it with a chuckle. "I don't know about you but my mathematics teacher doesn't like me being late so I kind of need to hurry."

Dom nods with a tight lipped smile. "Go ahead. I forgot my Chemistry textbook."

With that I walk away, trying to remain somewhat calm with one thought in my mind. I need to find Rhys. By the time I've stopped at my locker to get my things I've got a minute until class starts. I get my books and rush to first period, sending a text to Rhys in the process.

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