"I don't get why Rhys is going," Taylor mumbles while carefully applying red lipstick to her lips

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"I don't get why Rhys is going," Taylor mumbles while carefully applying red lipstick to her lips. "Your father knew I was going. I would be able to stay with you all night."

I rub my lips together already annoyed by the feeling of the lipstick on my lips. "I have no idea. Besides it isn't like Rhys is so bad. . ."

"Well hopefully I'll get to know him better tonight," She caps her lipstick, sticking it back inside her clutch. While she fiddles with her hair I move to stand beside her feeling extremely uncomfortable. "It's not that I don't think he's a good person. Humans make mistakes and all. I just want to know whether he's good for you."

"Good for me?" I raise an eyebrow and she turns giving a soft smile.

"As in he won't involve you in the kind of stuff Derek did with Blair. I think that's the main reason we're both so protective of you," Her eyes flicker over my shoulder before she moves to the dress hanging on the top of the shower frame. "Well I'll be waiting downstairs for you to get ready. Don't take too long but just send me a text if you need help."

Nodding she lets go of the dress before heading downstairs with our parents. I lock the door behind her, resting my head against the wood with a sigh. I really hope tonight goes well because for some reason I have this feeling that something is going to go wrong, disastrously in fact.

Taylor's mother works as a lawyer and while she doesn't have much authority in the workplace, she does have the connections similarly to my father. It's by association that herself and her family were invited. Anything to kiss up to my father to stop him from leaving.

My father is good at his job and considering everything that's happened with Brian, his father would probably be groveling for him to stay. He isn't someone you would want to face up against in the court room.

I fiddle with the straps of the dress that loops around my neck circularly. Overall the dress we decided on was a purple that ended just above my knees. While I have stockings on with black heels I still manage to hold some level of my own style.

Even with Blair trying to get me into a pink dress or just something stereotyped to be girly. I refused and went with purple as a compromise. The shades on the darker side but the drapping of material makes it look girly.

I almost didn't want to get it because part of my chest is exposed - although it doesn't necessarily show that much cleavage - I'm hoping the material won't move. But Blair assured me that it won't as long as I don't tug on it excessively.

My phone vibrates on the counter jump starting the slow beat of my heart. I exhale and unlock it without picking it up, using the vanity to support myself. But when I read it I instantly look at my appearance to make sure I'm ready.

I rub my lips together again and bare my teeth to check there's no lipstick. Quickly I purse my lips as I readjust my dress, stopping with a shake of my head. There's no need to be nervous. Yet here I am acting like Rhys' arrival is a big deal when releastically it isn't.

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