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Stirring the spoon around my milkshake I scoop the caramel foam onto it in order to remove the top layer from spilling

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Stirring the spoon around my milkshake I scoop the caramel foam onto it in order to remove the top layer from spilling. I salivate the taste while waiting for Jamie to arrive. She sent me a text saying her younger cousins are coming along because she got stuck with last minute babysitting.

Not that I mind because her cousins are absolutely adorable despite her insisting they're seven year old devils, twins always are difficult.

I take a sip just as my sides are zapped, almost spitting out my drink I recover hearing Jamie's laugh. She has a distinctive laugh that reminds me of a chipmunk although it's not an ugly high pitched one rather the cuter possibility.

"Hey Kiza," She slides into the booth opposite me, pulling her bag over the top of her hwad with a sigh. "The ankle biters are in Timezone but after the hours up they'll come over here."

I smile slightly at her infectious smile, she pushes her hair from her face before sinking into the leather. "You trust them not to run a muck?"

"Well not really but they won't be getting McDonald's or watching The Hunger Games when we leave," She explains, nodding as the waitress puts a coffee on the table with a muffin."Thank you, it looks delicious."

"You're in a good mood."

She picks up her coffee, tapping her black nails against the ceramic. "That's because the coffee here is better than any Starbucks and coffee is my true love. It keeps you warm and doesn't lie to you."

I chuckle in amusement at the subtle dig of her ex-boyfriend. Not that I necessarily blame her because when they broke up after two years - on mutual grounds - she discovered he had been dating another girl for the previous two months. When he had told her he was reconciling with his father.

"I'll stick to my skittles," I nod as she shakes her head with a small laugh. "He hasn't tried to contact you again, has he?"

"Nope. I think he got the message," Jamie bites her lip and I try not to snort. "Anyways, let's not discuss my impulsive criminal activity. You said you needed to talk, what's up?"

My smile slips and I drop my spoon into the glass cup. Even though I don't like to talk about things, Jamie is the one person I can actually talk to. About the things I can't talk to with Taylor or Blair, even my father. I struggle to talk about my mom's death and anxiety but with her I get empathy.

When my mom died I shut down completely to the point my dad dragged me to a support group. I listened to several stories with those who deal with mental illness or lost ones the same as I have. Jamie was one who didn't say they're sorry for me but rather distracted me from the pit of darkness I was in.

"You know Wednesday is my mom's birthday," I lick my lips nervously and shrug slightly. "My dad's work is stressing him out, plus he's started drinking excessively when he isn't working. I think he's starting to feel it as well and I haven't really thought about it at all."

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