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"Can someone please tell me how you find the angle?" I feel my head pound like a sledgehammer while trying to understand the foreign language of trigonometry

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"Can someone please tell me how you find the angle?" I feel my head pound like a sledgehammer while trying to understand the foreign language of trigonometry. "Miss Collins, what formula do I use?"

Oh crap.

I look up from my textbook and stare at the board blankly. While Algebra comes naturally to me, this doesn't and makes my mind spin. I lick my lips and hope to god that the people around me don't start laughing.

"Sin68 times 27?" I raise an eyebrow at my most likely wrong answer.

Mr Frankel looks annoyed at my answer and moves to the other side of the board. "I've been teaching this for a while now. You said sin which is used when calculating the adjacent and hyptoneuse."

"I used the opposite and hyptoneuse?" Although I'm not confident with my answer I have a feeling that I'm actually not wrong. "That's sin because of the rule. SOH CAH TOA. Sin is opposite and hyptoneuse."

The class stiffles their laughter and I swallow out of fear that I've just made a complete fool out of myself. I glance to Blair for help who is biting on the pen lid with a massive grin. She raises an eyebrow at me and I look back to the teacher who's got smoke coming from his ears.

"I don't like your tone of voice," He moves to the wooden desk and pulls out something from the drawer. "Maybe you'll learn respect by serving detention."

My mouth gapes in shock as the bell goes signalling the end of class. Did he just give me a detention? I sink in my seat while processing it. I didn't think I was disrespecting him, merely pointing out how I got my answer.

Obviously he misunderstood that.

I shove my things inside my bag while approaching his desk when the classroom is almost empty. Blair hangs around near the door frame and Mr Frankel holds up a pink piece of paper for me to take. I stare at it out of annoyance and decide to question him further.

"Mr Frankel I don't think I deserve a detention," His eyebrows furrow, wrinkles appearing on his forehead. "I was only explaining how I got sin."

"But it's how you explained it," He sneers and I try to find words to speak as he continues. "I won't tolerate my students calling me out like that and being so rude."

My eyes flicker to the board. "Was I right? I have no idea whether that's correct-"

"I've had several girls like you before who play it stupid in an attempt to use their looks to boost their grades," Instantly my eyes snap back to him, shaking my head. That escalated quickly. "It won't work. So quit with the facade and we won't have a problem. Good day Miss Collins."

I feel as if I swallowed sand and despite my beliefs I take the slip. Blair looks just as gobsmacked as me and the fire blazing in her eyes forces me to pull her out before it explodes. I can't believe my teacher just accused me of that. I would never.

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