"Who was that?" I question, finally speaking for the first time since I gave directions to Rhys

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"Who was that?" I question, finally speaking for the first time since I gave directions to Rhys.

He taps his fingers against the steering wheel. "He's someone I used to work with."

"Where did you work?"

Even though his answer was vague I'm pretty sure there's a reason behind it. Sure enough, Rhys glances at me with a look that says it all. He doesn't want to talk about it. Instead of pushing it I nod and decide to try to ask about the person himself.

"Is he a bad person or something?"

He shakes his head slowly with a chuckle. "You could say that. He's actually Derek's cousin which means he's the same irritating and self righteous ass as him. That would actually make sense that Trey is staying with him. . ."

"So you don't get along with either of them?" I question getting a nod in response. "You don't get along with a lot of people, it's like a common theme."

He chuckles and pulls up to the curb of my house. "Well most fear me, others know me but wish I was dead and a rare few actually tolerate my delightful personality."

"And then there's your brother who refered to you as a puppy," I bite back the grin and unbuckle the seat belt. "I can see why. You aren't as scary as I used to think you were."

"On a scale how scared of me did you used to be?" The tone change is evident and he almost cringes at his words. "One being a barely and ten being pissing yourself."

I give a small smile. "Well five. I wasn't really scared that much but I knew not to get on your bad side. I didn't see you beat Derek to a pulp and I've never watched the video, just heard rumours of what you've done."

"You've never really watched it?" I shake my head. "I think you're the only one who hasn't."

"Well I have no reason to fear you, " I open the car door and wack him on the shoulder. "Besides all I can think about now is how awkward you are when it comes to girls. That's when your bad boy exterior falls to pieces."

I slide out, Rhys doing the same while I swing my bag around to get my keys out. "Just for the record I'm not awkward when it comes to girls. I just have to be interested in them in order to seem non- awkward."

"Have you had a girlfriend?" I ask, although it seems like a stupid question.

Shockingly he shakes his head. "Not really. I had one in year three and some weird relationship in freshman year. . .the girl practically planned our marriage. . ."

"Did she seriously plan it?" He nods with a horrified expression.

"When she asked me who I wanted to be best man I dumped her right on the spot because I had jokingly said yes I would," He shivers and shakes his head. "It was in drama before you judge me."

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