A wakeup call at eleven in the night wasn't something I ever wanted to experience

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A wakeup call at eleven in the night wasn't something I ever wanted to experience. It's safe to say that I've ticked something off the bucket list, that is if I had one. But this isn't a positive wake up call. Not when I woke to being hit with a pillow by a distressed Taylor who told me Blair's missing.

Well technically, she isn't missing just that she hasn't come home since she left this morning. On top of that she didn't actually attend school and they had a study session after Blair's shift at work. According to her boss, she didn't show and her parents started to freak out.

Blair might be adventurous and impulsive but she wouldn't do this. She's never not gone to school and work while having her phone turned off. That isn't like her which means something is up.

"What if she isn't here?" Taylor hisses at me while I continue to scroll through my Facebook feed.

"Then we'll try somewhere else," I exit the app when we reach the fence of the house overun by teenagers. "I didn't see any tags or any other parties so she's either here or at a bar."

"How would she get into a bar!" Taylor squawks and I give her a look of disbelief. Her eyes narrow in realisation. "Okay, I shouldn't be surprised she has a fake I.D. We'll split up and try to find her quicker."

Even though I don't like the idea of being by myself, it'll be quicker so I can get her home and get back to bed. I dodge the drunk stumbling out onto the veranda, using the railing as support to throw up in the garden.

Looking back I stop when I notice the neighbor standing on their lawn. With their arms crossed and a phone in their hand it doesn't take long for the dots to connect.

"Taylor we need," I stop when I realize she's already gone inside. "Be quick because the cops are on their way."

I mutter and rush inside, squinting my lights as a strobe light gets me right in the eye. The house wreaks from sweat and alcohol, bodies still moving as if they're having a seizure despite the time. I push my way through, standing on my toes in an attempt to spot Blair.

A few times I end up swatting hands that try to grab at me to get me to dance. I curse under my breathe when the heat starts to get to me from being shoved around amd squished like a sardine. I manage to break free from the dance floor, resorting to standing on the lounge pushed against the wall to try to spot her.

Nothing. I can't see her from up here because of the lights that I'm close to yanking out. I get down and push my way through the bodies to get back to the landing of the foyer to try another room.

I can feel my heart pounding against my chest almost in sync with the music. Stepping up I head across to the room opposite, almost wishing I hadn't when I see what's going on. I look at Blair who twists around effortlessly on the surface of the table with two other girls on either side of her.

"Blair!" I yell, moving forward and trying to push through the unlookers who encourage them to dance or even take their clothes off. "Blair get down!"

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