25| nerves

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Why did I agree to go on a date with Rhys?

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Why did I agree to go on a date with Rhys?

Because I want to know the truth behind those scars. While it seems like a good motivation I didn't necessarily think ahead of what a date entails. Now I'm over thinking it.

Where are we going? What do I wear? Do I need a jacket? Am I going to need to look casual or classy? What if it rains? Do I bother with makeup? Hair up or down?

When I got home I sent Rhys a text asking where we were going and he sent me a cliche response of it's a surprise. Instead of wasting hours on deciding how I would look I distracted myself with homework.

It worked until I finished at five.

By the time it got to six and I was still trying to piece together clothes. An hour - I've spent worrying and stressing over it - and I'm about to press send on the essay length questionnaire for Rhys.

Backspacing I look back at the mess that is my room and shake my head. Why are you thinking so much? Rhys wouldn't know the effort I've gone to unless he saw the state of my room which looks like a bomb has gone off.

"Hey I brought a few tops that I think-" Taylor stops in the door frame, scanning the state of my room. "You really needed help. Wow. Okay."

She steps inside kicking the door shut. "I'm over thinking it. I know I am but I can't help it, it's like an instinct to worry. All I can think about is what could go wrong and I hate it."

Taylor dumps the dressbag onto the bed and I take note of the several hangers. She starts picking up the clothes on my floor while I pull and tug at the strings attached to the pillow I'm clutching. It feels like I'm having a mental breakdown, almost like a panic attack without the hyperventilation.

"Alright you put these back in your wardrobe and I'm going to call Rhys," She takes my phone after throwing the clothes at me. "Brush your hair out as well, I'll be back."

I pull the clothes away from my face. "You don't know my pin."

"It's your mother's birthday," She calls back as she exits the bedroom. "Hey Rhys it's Taylor-"

She moves out of hearing range and I purse my lips, moving to clean up my room. I don't know why she's calling Rhys especially considering he's meant to be here in half an hour. I don't want him to know that I've been like this because it's pathetic.

As I brush through my hair I try to listen in but all I hear is mumbling. I hope she hasn't told him about my meltdown. When I hear her heels clicking on the floor I manage to catch the last of it.

"She's fine. She will be fine I mean," Taylor walks back in and points to the dress bag. I unzip it for her as she listens to Rhys. "I won't tell her. But for future preference don't say it's a surprise to someone who over thinks the way she does."

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