"Rhys Lawerence Adams," I scold from the end of the hallway, my phone clutched in my hand tightly as he visibly flinches

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"Rhys Lawerence Adams," I scold from the end of the hallway, my phone clutched in my hand tightly as he visibly flinches. "You promised me you wouldn't do anything."

As I get closer to him I see him relax and look at me from over his shoulder. He says something inaudible before shoving a textbook into his back pack harder than necessary. I stop raising an eyebrow for him to explain.

"I didn't do anything."

The lie infuriates me more as I show him my phone. "Really so this magically happened to Mr Frankel's classroom?"

Rhys does a double take of the photo and a grin slips onto his lips. But when his eyes meet mine it quickly fades. I cluck my tongue and turn it around to look at the photo myself. His classroom was absolutely trashed.

Apart from the obvious tipped over tables and chairs, the paint splattered onto the whiteboard won't come off with just water and then there's his desk. The once pristine white - organized to perfection - has it's contents stuck down in super glue and out of place.

"Firstly - he deserved it for being a shitty teacher not to just you but several other students," He closes his locker and tugs the zip across his bag. "Secondly, who told you my middle name?"

"I know it was you by the sketch I drew for you - that paper mysteriously vanished from my English textbook first period - while it appears to be drawn on the whiteboard," I cluck my tongue with a raised eyebrow. "And Lachlan told me when I asked, well demanded, where you would be."

"You talked to Lachlan?" I nod slowly and he exhales. "I'm surprised he didn't hit on you."

"Why would he?" I snort unattractively, flushing as he smiles.

"He thinks you're hot and I honestly don't want to see that happening."

"I don't think that would be the end of the world if he did," Rhys' head snaps to me with a stern look. "What? He seems nice and it's not like he's ugly. . ."



"Lachlan doesn't do relationships," He deadpans. "So I'm saying don't bother going there."

"Has he ever had one?"

Rhys shakes his head and stops for a moment. "Not ones that are in a commitment. I'm the one in our friendship who would be dateable."

My lips suck in as I nod once. "I'll remember that but I feel like I should tell you he invited me along to get frozen yogurt after school with you guys. Something about wanting to get to know me better which is-"

"Nate has gotten into his head that we're secretly dating," Rhys explains, scratching the back of his neck with a slight shrug. "I swear that I'm going to kill my brother one day because he never knows when to shut his mouth. Plus I wasn't the one who did that to Mr Frankel's classroom, I merely supervised."

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