Pain shoots up my back once I collide with the floor again

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Pain shoots up my back once I collide with the floor again. For a moment I debate whether or not to get up and opt for sitting up with a groan. Standing at my feet is Lachlan who still holds the same pose as if he's ready to take on anything.

"Get up," He coaxes me with both hands and bounces on his feet. "I told you I wasn't going to sook you so up you get."

With gritted teeth I force my aching body up. "You also didn't say that I would be knocked on my ass every five minutes. I'm just waiting for something to break."

His dark eyes are concentrated on me and reluctantly put my guard up. Within an instance he jabs my shoulder, managing to get around my arms. This time when he jabs I deflect the punch and try to give one back. Except he grabs my arm, spinning me around and into his chest.

He puts his arm across my throat and I exhale slowly at the pressure. The close proximity annoys me beyond belief because I can't seem to get away from him. It's either this or laying on the floor, I can't beat him which is expected considering how long he's been fighting.

"Get yourself out of this position."

I scoff. "I can't. You're crushing my windpipe."

"But you can with a few moves that I'm shocked Rhys hasn't taught you. Slam your foot down and drop," I press my foot to his feeling repreeve and drop down. As I go to move away his hand grasps onto my hair gently. "Usually someone would pull you up and if that happens."

I spin around and hold my hand up to his face notice a hint of a smile. "Yeah he taught me this. I just didn't appreciate him nearly strangling me."

Lachlan removes his hand from me and chuckles. "At least he didn't do completely nothing. You've got a good swing but you use too much of your body weight which is how I was able to pull you in every time."

"But Rhys told me-"

"Because he's an idiot and is clueless on how to train a female," He shakes his head and pushes a hand through his sweat ridden hair. "For him - he can get away with it because he's pretty heavy in the muscle department. You - you're delicate and dainty in comparison therefore you need to be fast, unpredictable to actually get away."

"How do you know this?"

My question seems to catch him off guard as he shakes his head. "That isn't important."

"Rhys told me that your father has illegal connections. . ." I trail off in a whisper incase someone who walks past hears me. "Should I be concerned?"

"Your concern for me is sweet."

"Don't deflect. I get enough of that bullshit from Rhys," He raises an eyebrow at the guts of my words. "Is it illegal reasoning that you know how to do this?"

"Well if my father has those contacts. He wouldn't let his family go unprotected to them turning," I swallow and he nods once. "So I guess so but don't worry about it. He isn't involved directly like Rhys' father is, he's a businessman that hasn't necessarily gotten to where is now without them."

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