23|the truth is out

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My hearts pounding while I fidget with the sleeves of my jacket

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My hearts pounding while I fidget with the sleeves of my jacket. A million thoughts are running through my mind with each feeling like a sledgehammer to my skull. I knew Rhys was hiding something but it wasn't anything near I what was expecting.

But he told me the truth like I wanted and I can't be mad at him. Shocked yes, not livid at what he told me even though I am. I feel nauseous and like I want to cry because it's as if he's a stranger to me.

I shake my hands off while looking back at the laptop resting on my desk. At the moment it's open to YouTube with a video loaded and ready to be played. My eyes slip to the title underneath the black screen.

Brutality of the Badboys.

Otherwise known as the fight video between Rhys and Derek. I managed to find it within a few minutes because I recognize the account belonging to a vloger in a year younger than us. She's a want to be journalist and uses YouTube as a beginning platform.

For the past half an hour I've been pacing my room deciding whether or not to watch it. I want to see what he's capable of. At the same time I don't want to watch it because I'm one of the few people who haven't and that could hurt Rhys if he found out.

I bite my lip before moving to sit down in the chair. My fingers curl over the mouse and move it around the screen, a pounding sets in my heart as it hovers over the paused button. Don't do it. I sink back in the chair while biting on my knuckle while trying not to freak out.

"Are you seriously going to eat that?" My nose scrunches up at the weird toasted sandwich Rhys just made for breakfast.

He looks over his shoulder at me with a grin. "There's nothing wrong with it."

"You have cheese, baloney, tomato and mayonnaise," I scrunch up my nose at the combination as he cuts it in half, switching off the sandwich maker. "That's utterly disgusting."

Rhys moves to sit opposite me on the breakfast bar. "Well you're the one that admitted you would rather have your first kiss in a closet with me then in a perfect location with Lachlan."

"How is that even the same comparison?" I pull the crust of my grilled cheese off slowly.

"You would rather be in a closet than some romantic location," He takes a bite and instantly regrets it as he fans his mouth from the heat. "Fuck that's hot."

"But Lachlan isn't someone I would want to kiss. . ." Rhys manages to swallow what's in his mouth with a drink of orange juice. "And you should have thought about the heat before scoffing it into you."

He coughs a few times, swatting his chest in an attempt to catch his breathe again. "So I could kiss you now and you wouldn't mind?"

"At the moment you're kind of choking," I state and slide off the stool in order to pat him on the back until he stops choking on the food he swallowed. "But you just ate baloney so I would mind."

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