"You know this is the biggest cliche ever

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"You know this is the biggest cliche ever."

Rhys pulls back from the crook of my neck and continues to rub circles on the skin of my thighs. His eyes glimmer with mischief at the situation he managed to convince me into. Releastically it wasn't that hard with a few words and teasing touches lead me to follow him into a bathroom.

"You secretly love it," He whispers, teeth gently sinking into my bottom lip that makes me arch inti him. However he pulls back to drive me up the wall with his teasing and as I wack his chest he laughs. "Oh, how that hurt."

"Stop teasing me or I actually will make it hurt."

Slowly my hand glides down his chest towards his belt which I tug on, hoping he'll get the meaning. Rhys looks down with parted lips and chuckles lightly. He cups my cheek, thumb grazing my bottom lip with a cheeky grin.

"Your cheeks are flushed, pupils dilated and you're practically a second skin to me at the moment," Rhys lists as he drops his hand to my plaid top, unbuttoning it from the bottom up. "I won't stop teasing because it reminds me that you're mine and as long as you have this reaction, you feel something."

I stop his hands from unbuttoning it any further. "I'm starting to feel a little ripped off that you can come to that conclusion when I can't tell the same for you."

"It's simple."

"Care to explain for the simple folk?" He drops his hands to rest beside me on the vanity.

"You aren't simple."

"I'm not smart either so spill."

"You are smart."


He captures my hand, slipping it underneath his shirt. "Do you remember all the times you said my hands or body were cold? It's because I had nothing to react to, I learnt to turn off my emotions which didn't cause my body to heat up."

My heart beats faster as I drag my hand down the length of his heated chest. He's warm, scolding hot in temperature and if what he says is biologically possible than I must make him feel something. I lean forward and gently kiss him.

However it quickly turns heated. I re-wrap my legs around his waist to pull him closer and run my fingers through his hair. Rhys' fingers finish unbuttoning my plaid top, pushing the black tank up to expose my stomach. I try to remain calm when he reaches the edge of my bra but my heart feels close to exploding.

"Can I?" He breaks the kiss to check that I'm okay with this.

Nodding I unwind my arms in order to remove both of my tops leaving me in a bra and shorts. His eyes stay locked on mine until he reaches back to remove his shirt with one hand. As the fabric drops to the floor with mine he buries his head in the crook of my neck.

I close my eyes, leaning back as he gently presses down on my stomach. His lips leave wet kisses down to my collar bone, continuing their path of fire down to the cup of my bra. The sudden feeling of his tongue has my hand shooting out to tug at his hair knowing that it definitely felt good by the goosebumps.

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