"I feel like death," Blair complains for the twentieth time today and I merely roll my eyes, pulling at the supposed pizza

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"I feel like death," Blair complains for the twentieth time today and I merely roll my eyes, pulling at the supposed pizza. How the school stuffs up pizza I don't know. "Quit rolling your eyes. They'll get stuck."

"Just be thankful I'm not making loud noises."

Blair pouts, slouching back down into her back pack. I look at Taylor who seems engrossed in her English textbook, studying for the test next period. The test isn't anything overly difficult, more to check progress of the topic than anything. For some reason I manage to pass English with ease, if I study that's when it goes downhill.

"Why was Hamlet so controversial?" Taylor asks, her nails tapping on the hardcover of her folder. "It was the time era, right?"

Nodding I pull off the still frozen pepperoni slice. "Because mental illness was selfish and considered the cowards way out. You would be stoned to the edge of town or buried alive in a nameless grave."

"Wait, are you serious?" Blair's head shoots up and she groans in pain from the quick movement. "I am so screwed next period if we're being tested as well."

"Well it's your fault," Taylor mumbles and exhales the breathe filled with stress. "Okay. I need to get food otherwise I'm going to fail this test."

"Stay clear of the pizza."

Taylor snorts, closing her things before sliding out of the picnic table. "I plan to. I'll bring you back chips or something."

"Thank you," She pats my shoulder while walking past with her wallet in hand. I turn my attention back to Blair and ask the question I've been wanting to know all day. "Last night you told me he's back.."

Her eyes close and she slips back into sleeping on her bag. "Yep. I wish he had stayed in Melbourne because I don't want to see him."

My eyes widen. "Derek? Since when has he been back?"

"You said I told you last night." She furrows her eyebrows as she looks up again. "He rocked up at my house that morning as I was leaving. We went for breakfast where he explained why and everything - it just messed with my head - especially when he said he wants me back."

I run my tongue over my teeth. "And I'm guessing you're not taking him back?"

"I haven't decided yet."

I bite the inside of my cheeks to stop myself from screaming out something stupid. Now Derek isn't my favorite person, he's actually one of the people I openly dislike just like Brian. He messed with Blair's head and she started going down the wrong path extremely fast.

She didn't used to be loud and wild. He came along and basically shook her world up with his own; partying, drinking, drugs, reckless behavior and destroyed what innocence she had in her. And she let him because he was her first everything which also means he's the one who got hospitalized by Rhys.

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