"I'm not seventy yet," Dad remarks as I snatch the plate from his hand and start towards the kitchen

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"I'm not seventy yet," Dad remarks as I snatch the plate from his hand and start towards the kitchen. "You don't have to coddle me."

Ignoring him I continue my cleaning spree of the house which is need of tidying. I haven't really done the dishes or cleaned up after myself since dad's been home. But I need to keep him off his feet and preferably in bed rather than the couch.

I'm just thankful he's home now, even if he can barely walk.

I let the plates and cups soak in soapy water while putting gloves on my hands with a plastic bag. To make the situation worse he's caught a cold on top of the stitches and pain from the stab wound. I've had to confiscate his phone and laptop so he won't work and relax.

That was part of the conditions of being released prematurely from hospital. They wanted to keep him for an extra two days but he didn't want to stay, once he was checked to be well enough to leave he was ready to go in an hour. Despite the doctor being less than willing to discharge him.

Walking into the living room dad does a double take when I start to pick up the tissues scattered on the coffee table and floor. He stands up with a groan, holding over the top of his stomach which makes me stop.

"Are you okay? What's wrong?"

He exhales and clenches his teeth. "I'm just a little sore, my medication is up in my room and I need to-"

"Sit down and I'll go get it."

I start the stairs before he can protest and take a deep breathe myself. I know he's getting annoyed with me but I can helicopter him whereas I can't with my best friend. She's still in hospital under the hawk like supervision of her parents who don't seem to be letting visitors in.

Hence the smothering of my father because that I am capable of doing. It's one thing that is within my control opposed to my relationship with Rhys. I haven't replied to his text messages because they all say the same thing just worded differently.

He's trying to see if I'm okay.

While that would normally be perfectly fine I don't know how I am. My emotions are all over the place ranging from sadness, anger, confusion, anxiety and hurt all rolled into one from different things. As far as he's concerned I'm more hurt than anything that he didn't tell me sooner.

There's a knock on the door as I find his pills once I've cleaned up his room a bit. I walk quickly down the stairs to see Dad open the door. He stops midway and I clear my throat which makes him look back at me.

"It's for you anyway. " He leaves the door and I extend his pills for him before glancing out the door.

Rhys looks wide eyed and I notice the bulge hidden underneath his tee shirt. Glancing at Dad as he walks back to the living room, I resist running over to help him sit down and force my attention back to Rhys. I dump the bag and step outside while pulling the door shut behind me.

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