Hogwarts 11

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I'm not really sure if the recent event made it easier or harder to explain everything to the waiting wizards and witches.

"What the bloody hell was that?!" Someone called out breaking the silence. I stepped up to Dumbledores little speech stand. I waved my wand and the tables returned to their usual places. Each person slowly returned to their seats without looking away from me.
"Okay, What you just saw was 9 hellhounds 9 immortal skeleton worriers, Kelli the emposei and the chimera. Um can anyone tell me if they've heard of those monsters before." No one put their hands up apart from Hermione but I didn't want to know if she did. She was already in on the secret.

"Draco stand up here with me please" he looked around and got up.
"Dude! Why didn't you help me!" I said playfully punching him.
"I would have if you didn't lock me in the shield. You didn't look like you needed it anyway."
The room looking shocked.
"Why should Draco have helped you ?" Someone from Slytherin asked. Oh. If I reveal my secret, his will too. He nodded to me to tell me it was okay.
"Draco and I trained together. He was better at the pranks than anything else" I said simply while chuckling.
I glanced at Dumbledore and started explaining.

"Those monster you saw are Greek. You might have read about them in Greek mythology books. I'm going to say it straight. Greek mythology isn't mythology, it all actually happened, books twist the tale slightly but it all happened and the gods are alive" I started. The were some shouts of protest and someone asking how I play in all this.
"The gods still have demigod children. Most of them are brought to Camp to train and learn to fight against the monsters that hunt us. I get hunted a lot because I have a powerful scent. And because I have probably killed them before and they want revenge." I started. They were still confused. Did I really have to say it out right.
"I'm a demigod" I shouted and the whole hall turned to chaos.  Some people aimed their wands at me, other hid away, somewhere thinking and others just shrugged it off as a lie. Nico reached for his sword and I saw Draco twist towards his combat boots he kept his dagger in. I glanced at them, shooting them a warming look and they moved their hands away from the weapons.
"WILL YOU ALL BE QUIET!"  I shouted and surely enough the room fell silent. The teachers moved to sit in front of us and had a tight grip on their wands. "Put the wands away, I would freeze the spell before it makes it half way to me." I said slightly annoyed.

"I'm a demigod. I'm on quest to protect you and fight against the attacks." I said I'm a board tone.
"Why send you? We can protect ourselves." Someone from Gryffindor shouted out.
"Yes, you could probably hold you own against a wizard but this attack confirmed that the death eaters have Greek monsters working on their side. Spells won't do anything to these monsters. Especially if they are unique monsters like the Chimera or the Manticore. That is why I was sent here. At first I thought my job was to make you tough enough to handle another war and be prepared but no I see I have to train you in weaponry and strategy." I said kind of talking to myself.

"Why did you come here? We heard from the hat you have been in 2 wars! Why want a third." Someone said from the hufflepuff table.
"Before you accept a quest you get limited information. All I was told was that a school filled with innocents was being attacked so obviously I accepted. Later I found that you were all wizards. Either way, I couldn't leave knowing you would need help."

I thought it was going well until suddenly.
"Cut the rubbish! I call his bluff. He's lying!" Amazing what one voice could do. Everyone agreed with him. It was louder than a New Years in New York City.
"Would someone like to tell me why you don't believe me?" A lot of people answered I got answers like
• we don't know if your lying
• no one would help out of the goodness of their heart
• your too scary to be nice.
• you have no proof.

My list would have gone on if their wasn't a large flash of light revealing my dad, Hestia and Artemis with her hunters. Dumbledore, Draco, Nico and I bowed respectfully while the whole school looked at them. Everyone introduced themselves. The school couldn't believe that they were gods and goddesses. Then Hecate flashed is, dressed as lady Helen.
"You all know me as lady Helen but I am actually Lady Hecate, goddess of magic and crossroads. I am here because I am disappointed with all of you. I personally requested Percy Jackson to do this quest because he carries hope and warmth where ever he goes." She started then looked to Hestia. "Even before Hestia's blessing" the whole of the group nodded, even the hunters who I'd only met a couple times. I guess now that their role model is telling them it is true, they start to doubt their opinions and believe her. Some looked to believe I was a demigod but couldn't believe I was all that powerful. The most convinced was the 7th year repeats in Gryffindor and Slytherin- they were the only class I have tort. I must have done something in the lesson to make this all more believable.

Some people looked me up and down sizing me up. "Why did you choose him? Was he the only one available?" A girl called out. Ouch. That hurt just a little. I was about to stick up for my self when my favourite melodic voice did it for me.
"Percy Jackson is the greatest hero the earth will ever see. He is a true hero in the mind, body, heart and soul and you will do well to remember that! He has done countless things for us and was never thanked properly. What can you say you've done? Fought in a war? That was only one battle. Our wars have been going on for centuries and Percy has ended them. He has been the main subject in not just 1 great prophecy but 2 great prophecies aswell as countless smaller ones" she paused to take a breath. "Dumbledore, son of Hecate, you have strayed far. You used to be good with a sword and respected but now all you know if how to work a magic stick? You raised a stick to a Greek monster, did you actually think that would work?" He looked down in shame. "Students! Percy has been nothing but kind. He is risking his life again! The last times was to save his loved ones but you are all complete strangers to him and he is doing it again. Regardless of the nasty comments. You were warned not to challenge him or anger him, he held himself in because that's the person he is. Percy won't want anyone to get hurt." She finished. I was stunned. The hunters we shocked that she had stood up for a boy. The crowd was confused. I felt my brain solidify again and stepped forward and hugged Artemis. At first she was stiff but then she melted into the hug. "Thankyou." I whispered into her hair. After both of us calmed down, I pulled back. There was a flash of disappointment but then it cleared. Was she disappointed in me? After another moment of silence Hecate stepped up.
"Maybe if you saw what Percy has been through, you would respect him more" I thought it was a good idea. It would only show my quests right? Not my life before I found out who I was.

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