Hogwarts 10

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My first class went great. At first I thought I had my work cut out for me, but then some people managed to make it to level 3 of my little task. Harry completed level 1 but couldn't do level 2. I noticed he had a strange unprovoked hate for me. Did I do something without noticing? I know I'm pretty oblivious and I don't have much of a filter on my mouth, but I don't think I did.
Transfiguration was okay. We were changing solids into liquids. It was easy enough. I could have done most of them with my demi god powers but I hadn't revealed my self yet. I was on my way to divination when I got a message from Dumbledore to meet him in his office. I'm guessing he wanted to talk about my little speech tonight. I told him I would 'wing it'" that had worked well with the the Vampires and Shape Shifters. Im not a daughter of Athena and I don't always have a plan. I think that's how I have survived. Me 'winging' everything has made me unpredictable and my moves can't be guessed. I don't plan every detail of my life. I keep it stress free. Besides knowing this, he gave me a disapproving look. Oh well. When he dismissed me, I still had half a hour of divination but I really didn't feel like going so I jogged down to the lake. On my way I had ripped off my shirt and dived right into the water.

"Hey pig!" I said trying to start a convocation with the giant squid.
"Milord! You can join me for tea if you like!" He exclaimed happily.
"I would love to but you need to call me percy. I hate all the lord business" I chuckled.

I realised I had stayed in the lake longer than I should have. I was already 15 minutes late for dinner. I willed the water to push me up after saying a quick thankyou and goodbye to Pig. I dried my self and tugged on my shirt all while sprinting into the great hall.

Everyone turned their heads to look at me. After a quick prayer to the gods I started to tuck in. By the time everyone had finished, I was prepared for my little speech. Dumbledore winked at me and as I stood, I heard a deep, grumbling growl. I knew that sound. It was the sound of a hellhound. I was up from my seat fast as Zeus' lightning. It appeared no one else had heard it. I jumped over my table a started walking down the centre isle. I waved me wand two times. The first was to pushed all the students and tables to the side of the room. The second time I muttered a   "Protego" all while walking towards the grand doors. I turned to face the teachers. Only Dumbledore would understand what I'm about to say:
"Hogwarts isn't safe. Monsters from my kind has breached the walls. I don't know how many probably only 10 maximum. I can hear hellhounds. I've put a shield charm around the students I suggest you do the same." I said quickly but loudly. I turned back to face the door. As if on cue, 9 hellhounds, each with skeletal riders came barging into the room along with Kelli and the Chimera. Immediately, every student and teacher raised their wands. Dumbledore behind me said a stunning spell but it bounced off the hellhounds fur only to hit a student.
"Protego!" I shouted pointing my wand towards the teachers. By now I was 3 quarters of my way down the hall, my stride never faltered. "Your magic won't harm them. You need to leave this to me. Do not get in my way, you could get hurt." The hellhounds and Kelli would be easy enough, the chimera and the skeletons would be harder. These were the same skeletons that came after me on my quest to find annabeth and Artemis. They could not die.

I pulled out riptide but I don't uncap him yet. I was practically in front of the small army now. I stood in front. The chimera stayed back she was smart to wait for me to tire.

The first hellhound thew itself at me. I'm the very short time it took to fly across to me, I had already uncapped riptide and was ready to thrust my trusted sword into the hellhounds ribcage. A pile of golden dust was left at my feet, the Skelton had fallen to the floor and was scrambling at me without a sword. I pursued the rest of the hellhounds. I rolled swiped, jabbed and parred. When I landed on my feet again I had killed 5 out of 11 hellhounds, that left only 6. This was a huge pack I thought, someone had sent them. I kicked off of a table and flipped landing on top of a hellhound. I stabbed him and he turned to dust as I landed on my feet. I swung my sword in a deadly arc killing the 2 hellhounds flying towards me. I continued like this until all the hellhounds were in Tartarus.

The chimera watched amused as Kelli launched at me, with her fangs bared and hair on fire. I took my chance to use my water powers to make a fine mist. "Oh Fleecy. Do me a solid and show me Nico Di Angelo" only he could stop the skeletons. I swiped at Kelli, leaving a gash on her shoulder.  I turned back to the iris message to see a confused Nico.
"Nico! The skeletons are back. The ones that don't die. I need your help. I'm at Hogwarts school. Shadow travel to Olympus, talk to hecate. She'll send you here" he still looked confused but more determined.
"Okay, I'm on way. Percy everyone's worried about" I cut him off. Kelli had made another lunge at me but I cut off her right hand, leaving her without half her sharp claws.
"Nico now is not the time. Get here. I killed 9 hellhounds, I have Kelli and the chimera on me aswell as these skeletons. Be quick go now or a lot of people will die" hearing those words both Nico, the student and teachers gasped. Okay that was a bit dramatic but I couldn't fight the skeletons forever. I had lost my concentration and Kelli shot fire at me. If I wasn't immune to fire because of Hestia and Hephaestus, I would be dead right now. Kelli paused clearly confused. I took this time to cut of her head. It bounced on the floor before it turned to dust along with her body.

While this was going on, the skeletons retreated to stand next to the Chimera. She motioned for them to charge and that's what they did, weaponless.
One by one, i cut them down. It took them atleast 3 minutes to build themselves back up again. I spun my way toward Chimera. She breathed fire at me and, like Kelli, was confused when nothing happened but she recovered too quick for me to use it to my advantage. Her poisonous tail spun round over her head. I pulled the moisture in the air to form a ball of water. I threw it towards her tail. Then I put my hand straight up and concentrated. I felt for the water molecules and froze them, effectively turning the water to ice. I had trapped her snake tails in a ice cage. She couldn't harm me with fire and her tail was out of use. That only left her teeth, claws and strength.
I used more strength in each swing. She had pulled out her own weapon and started to sword fight with me. My to brag but I'm the best swordsmen in 300 years and she wants to try? Let her. I had disarmed her in minutes. I cut of each of her hands and she stumbled to the floor, loosing her balance. I didn't hesitate to stab her in the chest and watched her turn to dust.

By now, the skeletons had grown and reformed. I had to hold them off for as long as I can. I conjured up more water and did the same thing and caging them in ice. The other ones seemed smarter, I had to be smarter too.
I slashed at one, making it fall to the floor in a pile of bones. I tapped Hestia's tattoo and felt my hands heat up. I pointed them at the pile of bones and watched them turn to black ash. Maybe that would keep them down for longer? I started with 9 skeletons. 3 were in ice and one was black ash. I had to fight 5 alone. They don't have weapons but they reformed quicker each time.
"Where are you Nico?" I yelled into the air. I felt the shadows bend and the room turn colder. Drama queen. I watched him saunter out the shadows and stand in front of Dumbledores chair.
"Stop!" Nico shouted at the skeletons. They did as he told and froze. "Stand in line!" He yelled. I unfroze the 3 skeletons so they could obey.
"How dare you leave without permission! Who sent you to attack the school?" He asked still angry. The skeletons started to chatter and click. His face turned to confusion and then laughter.
"Who would want to eat Death?" He giggled to himself. I muttered in his ear explaining that they were the followers of a big baddy and they wanted revenge. But I had pieced it together. The wizards sent Greek monsters to attack the school. They didn't know I was here to defend them but by now, they would have.
"Do you know how much paper work I have to do now! Ugh! Go to my fathers palace. I'll be there later. He can deal with you" he said clearly angry.

He turned to me and then we bro hugged and he gave me a glare reminding me I had a lot of explaining to do to. To the people of Hogwarts and to Nico.

This was supposed to be an easy dinner not a battle. Just my luck.

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