Hogwarts 26

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Percy's POV

"What got her so scared?" Artemis asked me after Chloe had fallen asleep, exhausted from the party. I couldn't believe what I saw. It couldn't be real could it? If she is.......

"How did you find chloe?" I asked Artemis hoping for an explanation, even though I knew it's rude to answer a question with another question. I watched her scrunch her eyebrows and tilted her head to the side. Kinda like what a confused puppy looks like.

"We saw on the news that she was abused by her dad and needed a place to stay." She told me. That added up to what was in Chloe's thoughts..... apart from the fact that the guy was her uncle, not her dad.

"It was her uncle" I corrected. I only whispered it under my breath but she heard me.

"What?" She challenged. "Percy just tell me what got her so shaken up?"

I didn't know what to answer. I decided with going with the vague answer.
"I saw that on her birthday, she used to cry because it was always forgotten only to be beaten for crying when her uncle came into the room" I said in such a small voice, I barely recognised it. That was truthfully why she was crying so much, but it wasn't what had gotten me so scared.

Artemis looked sad for a moment and looked to the floor only to look back up into my eyes a moment later and I guess she saw something because she asked me what I was hiding. I couldn't lie to her.

"When I was 10, my mum married Gabe Ugliano to protect me. Well, that man had a brother, Mitchel Ugliano." I said, pausing because Artemis gasped.

" that's the man that went to prison for hurting chloe." She whispered with a hand over her mouth. I only nodded sadly before continuing.

"If you remember, after my first quest when I was 12, Gabe went missing. The thing with that is..... I sent my Mum Medusa's head and suggested she used it on Gabe. She took my advice and sold the new statue so she could get into art school. What I didn't know was that Gabe was unfaithful to my mother and had a child when I was 10. He used to visit her on the weekends while she stayed with her Mum" I started trying to avoid the point of the whole story.

"What does this have to do with anything?" My girlfriend asked I just put my finger to her lips silently telling her to let me finish.

"Gabe seemed to turn into another person when he was with his own flesh and blood. He was kind, he didn't hit her or drink around her like he did with me. And now I honestly regret turning Gabe to stone because it left the frightened 2 year old with her abusive uncle because her mother died in a car accident."
I tried to say more but I started choking up. Immediately I felt artemis' tiny arms wrap around my neck and she looked me right in the eyes and I stared back, though my vision was blurred from he built up tears.

"Chloe was his daughter Artemis! It's my fault she was left with that monster! If I had known I would never have done it. She would have moved in with me. I would have a little sister like I always wanted. But I had to be selfish and kill her farther." I said breaking into tears again. I felt Artemis hug me tight.

"Percy Jackson it is not your fault." She whisper yelled into my hair.
"Gabe was an awful person to you and Sally and he didn't deserve either of you." She continued to whisper in hopes of ending my little break down.
"Chloe is safe now, she has you. Even though she has no blood relation to you at all, you are a lot alike" she suggested. I chuckled darkly. If Chloe was like me I wish her good luck. Bad luck seemed to follow me like my shadow and and my 'attitude' or 'sassiness' would only get in into trouble.
"I wonder what's with the blue cookies?" I voiced my question. I would have just red her mind but I was swarmed with the fact she was practically my sister. I called down and backed away from Artemis and laid us down on the bed. I wrapped my arms around her tightly.

"I'm going to get some sleep now Moonbeam" I mumbled with my eyes closed. After all, it was now about 2am. She smiled and kissed my nose before cuddling into me.

——in the morning———————

I woke up with a tangled mop of blonde in my face. Wait what? Where was artemis? I knew she was near because I could still smell her woodland berry scent.
I heard artemis chuckle when she saw me with a confused face. She mouthed the word "chloe" and then I knew what the mop was...... why was she in my bed with me and artemis though? Chloe was in her baby blue footsy Pjs still fast asleep while she was clinging onto my arm for dear life. I noticed she was stirring so I did the only thing any sane person would have done to the younger girl... I tiggled her.

I know this is short but I honestly don't know where I want the story to go. Next chapter would probably be more important..... I know I said that at the end of last chapter as well but I plan to give Percy and Chloe a sibling-like bond and I wanted to explain it a bit but that's hard to do in the middle of a battle. Leave ideas because honestly ideas don't grow on trees!

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