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Professor Jackson by noelicoan
Professor Jacksonby Noël
This is completed and now I'm working on a sequel. My other story's title's are below. This is an adventure of Percy, Zoë, and Lucas Jackson with Nico Solangelo and Thal...
  • dada
  • caleo
  • jasper
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the ivy flower ; newt scamander by trucklebow
the ivy flower ; newt scamanderby HIATUS
❞ she's getting on my nerves ❞
  • hogwarts
  • fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem
  • newtscamander
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LUMOS ✰ h.potter  by PaintedPotter
'Liana Holly took one long swig of the firewhiskey that sat between her trembling fingers, grimacing as the liquid heat slid down her throat , a burning pool settling in...
  • luna
  • lilyevans
  • potter
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Karina Potter, Aunt Marauder by Hannah_Hatter
Karina Potter, Aunt Marauderby Hannah Hatter
Karina hadn't expected for her life to take the sudden turn that it had. In one night, her brother, sister-in-law, and best friend were slain down and her fiancé was tak...
  • potter
  • aunt
  • hp
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Text Me? {Drarry} by thats_pretty_odd
Text Me? {Drarry}by April~
In a AU where wizards text... and Draco Malfoy has Harry Potters number. Things just might get interesting. ?Drarry ? BoyxBoy ?Mainly text messages
  • malfoy
  • dracomalfoy
  • draco
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hermione x fem reader (One Shots) by ppainkillerss133
hermione x fem reader (One Shots)by ppainkillerss133
Request if you want :)
  • femalereader
  • slytherin
  • tom
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This isn't strange at all! by Storm0803
This isn't strange at all!by Me
Pjo/hp maurauders era* Mia Peters is the strongest camper at Camp Half-Blood. This is why she is chosen to protect a Wizards school! Posing as a 6th year transfer, Mia...
  • pjo
  • crossover
  • jamespotter
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₊snapchat⁺ ϟ drarry  by verdilac
₊snapchat⁺ ϟ drarry by 𝐦𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐚
(COMPLETED) °dracomalvoi : pansy are you up °dracomalvoi : you won't believe who potter talked to earlier °harryjp : malfoy? " DRARRY SNAPCHAT AU " + I N F O S...
  • drarryfanfic
  • boyxboy
  • snapchatau
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ALWAYS (Hinny) by SiriusHinnyShipper
ALWAYS (Hinny)by SiriusHinnyShipper
The war is over, and the world is in peace. Harry and Ginny were inseparable, and happy that way. But that was until IT happened. Ginny loses her memories, after an atta...
  • action
  • ginny
  • romione
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Darkest Desire by SamanthaWilde
Darkest Desireby Sam
Aurora Beauchanan is many things, and apparently being a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is about to be added to that list. With quite a few secre...
  • dumbledore
  • severussnape
  • love
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Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover by DazedWeather
Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Cro...by DazedWeather
***OH MAH GODS STOP READING THIS IT'S SO CHEESY AND EVERYTHING...I would delete this story BUT PEOPLE KEEP READING THIS DAM THING*** The war with Gaea is over, and Percy...
  • gods
  • godly
  • hogwarts
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Spoilt Little Rich Girl - Draco Malfoy X Reader by PHAN-TRASH-2022
Spoilt Little Rich Girl - Draco Ma...by Misha me bxtch
Y/N Moonshine, the great granddaughter of Merlin himself. Her journey through Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry leave people slightly cautious of her, maybe bec...
  • dracoxreader
  • xreader
  • wattys2018
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Drarry Spoofs by GrellMalfoy
Drarry Spoofsby ∂яαяяу тяαѕн
Some funny Drarry spoofs that'll hopefully make you smile ^_^ - Ratings x #1 in Spoof! #1 in Spoofs! #56 in Funny! (Most impressive ranking.) - Dates x 100k reads: Jul...
  • spoof
  • harry
  • oneshot
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Hogwarts x Reader || Blood On My Name by venusiian
Hogwarts x Reader || Blood On My N...by mikey
❝life is a fight, but not everyone's a fighter❞ y/n is the youngest of her family; a very dangerous family of Wizards and Witches with a bad reputation. -revamped 5/16/18...
  • fiction
  • wizardingworld
  • gryffindor
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The Heir of Slytherin ~ Harry Potter fanfic by frostgalaxy
The Heir of Slytherin ~ Harry Pott...by frostgalaxy
It's Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts, and he is eager to make friends. So when Draco Malfoy offers his hand before the Sorting Ceremony, Harry takes it, leaving Ro...
  • aeronsinistra
  • fiction
  • fanfiction
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Forbidden Fantasies (Darkest Desire Book 2) by SamanthaWilde
Forbidden Fantasies (Darkest Desir...by Sam
Aurora Beauchanan has a secret. As the daughter of the renowned Alchemist Nicholas Flamel, there are things about her life no one should know about. Like the fact that h...
  • remus
  • hp
  • malfoy
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Harry Potter, the boy who lived grew up in a stable household with his parents, James and Lily Potter. Peter Pettigrew went to Azkaban after trying to pass the blame ont...
  • hpfanfic
  • ronweasley
  • marleenmckinnon
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Dramione Instagram  by Love-Dramione
Dramione Instagram by Love-Dramione
Tittle explains everything Also Blaise + Ginny Ron + Pansy Neville + Luna Theo + Astoria Seamus + Dean Harry + Emily ( random girl .-. ) Cedric + Cho Also THEY...
  • theostra
  • dramione
  • harrypotter
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The Slytherin Queen(Draco x Reader)- Year 4 by Lumina_Rose14
The Slytherin Queen(Draco x Reader...by The Slytherin Queen
~(4th book in the Slytherin Queen Series)~ Death Eater Attacks, Strange Dreams, and looming fear..... Mysteriously entered into the dangerous contest known as the...
  • cedric
  • ravenclaw
  • harrypotter
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Yellow- Wolfstar Bandmates/Muggle AU by NewlineBlue
Yellow- Wolfstar Bandmates/Muggle...by NewlineBlue
"Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything you do." Remus Lupin never expected too much of his life. Too broke to have a place of his own...
  • newengland
  • muggle
  • siriusxremus
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