Twilight 5

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Same day as last chapter

Greek was weird. Why did I share part of my past with a monster? I shook it off and went to lunch.
While I was in the line I tugged on the pendent of the chain found my neck and it transformed into a plastic card. When I got to the food, i brought a fruit salad and a bottle of water. And then I stood in the corner surveying the room for a good place to sit. I noticed Bella beckoning me over. I walked over to her table. When I got close I could smell the sweet smell I smelt around Edward around the rest of them. Great. More monsters.
I sat between Bella and a guy with huge muscles. I analysed each of them and decided how to kill them. But I didn't know this type of monster. I don't know their speed or strength, I'll have to hold out a bit longer.
They started to introduce themselves
The pixie like girl was Alice Cullen.
Her boyfriend was Jasper Hale
The blonde was Rosalie and
her boyfriend was emmet. The guy next to me.
They seemed to be watching me. Both Alice and Jasper concentrating. Are they trying to read my mind to? I quickly built my mental walls even higher.
I noticed none of them eat and they talk like their from a different time. Kinda like how Zoe did.
"So what do you have next percy?" Emmet asked nudging me with his elbow. He looked confused like that blow was meant to hurt. "Gym class" I said. "We do to. What sports do you play?" I thought about it for a moment "swimming, track and physical combat." I said. It wasn't a lie. At camp we learnt to fight, I swam a lot and we always raced the nature spirits.
They looked exited. "Lucky in gym  we're doing physical combat"
I looked at him. Oh no. What do I do? If I fight a mortal I could hurt them but if I fight one of these guys my instincts will take over and I'll kill them. "I nodded. Then the bell sounded. I shouldered my bag and followed them to the biggest building. The gym.

I ran into the locker rooms. I didn't have any kit. Well I didn't think I did until my bag glowed faintly and when I opened it, I had sportswear in there.  "Thanks guys" I muttered.
I pulled my top of my head and started rummaging through my bag looking for a top. I didn't notice the changing room went silent. "What happened to you?" Someone muttered. "Nothing don't worry about it." I said smiling slightly. I guess they had seen my battle scars. They weren't that bad but my Tartarus scars were. Then I remembered my tattoos. Before I could use the mist to cover them Jasper called out. "Hey dude! Nice tattoos." I looked over my chest and arms. My favourites were my SPQR legion tattoo. The Romans' never did anything to betray me. I also like my dads trident and Hestia's flame. Both of them on different wrists. "Thanks man" that's when Edward stepped forward. Shirtless. He had lean muscles and the outline for a six pack. I was the opposite. I had a full on 8 pack but it wasn't obnoxious. "What do they each mean?" I had to come up with a lie quick "if I told you it would take all day. Pick 3 and I'll explain." He pointed at my legion tattoo. "If your Greek why do you have a Roman tattoo?" He asked. Thanks Athena for making y brain better. "I spent some time in Rome. I learnt Latin and met some of my best friends" He accepted that answer and then pointed to the blue flame  "this one represents my mother's last words to me. She told me I was pure and strong. A blue flame is the purest and strongest of flames" I lied then he nodded sadly and pointed to the last one. "The bow and arrow" he had to choose a hard one to explain. "My family used to go hunting together." I lied. He raised an eye brow but went way to get changed. I through on some black gym shorts, running trainers and a grey muscle shirt. I bet that was Aphrodite's choice I sighed. Then I ran out to the track. And then what I saw surprised me.

"Alright cupcakes! Huddle up!" I ran up to him. "Coach hedge? What are you doing here?" He just winked. Okay he's being secretive. "To day we're doing hand-to-hand combat. Anyone like to demonstrate?" I didn't even raise my hand but he picked me. "Jackson! Your demonstrating if you like it or not. Try not to hurt anyone" The class looked at me stunned 'how did the new teacher know my name? Why did he say not to hurt anyone' they were thinking. I tried not to but I couldn't help but smirk. "Any volunteers? Preferably someone with experience so they don't get hurt my percy" He said slapping my shoulder. Then emmet stepped forward. Coach glanced at me and then emmet. "Okay class warm up and then we will start the demonstration" I took this time to talk to coach.
"The gods sent me with a message. They said don't harm these monsters if you can help it and that Artemis' hunt is in the area and might step in." He informed me. "Coach do you know what they are? They're not Greek or Roman but they're not human - atleast not anymore" then it clicked I shot Coach a glare. "Coach, there vampires!" He thought about and then agreed. By now everyone was warm and ready to go. Being a demigod didn't really have to do that anymore. I'm always ready to spring into action.
"Jackson! Cullen! On the mat!" I stepped forward and stood there bored. Then coach yelled go! Emmet was like the Minotaur. Was strong and fast but couldn't change direction suddenly so I used this to my advantage. As soon as emmet heard go, he charged. I inwardly tutted. Bad move. I let him get close and then I side stepped, stuck a foot out and elbowed him in the back sending him to the floor. "Emmet! Your out! Edward step up!" Edward to a stance on the mat. When he charged, he anticipated a side step so instead I ducked under him and judo flipped him. "Come on! The Cullen's are meant to be good at this! Jasper! Get on the mat!" Jasper climbed up and he was angry. He took his time analysing me but i did the same. Now I know what he is this will be easy. Then he charged, faster than he should have to keep his human pretences up. I again, effortless jumped up and over him as he bent down to rugby tackle my mid section. I landed behind him and he spun around. This time he ran at me keeping his body straight, so I couldn't jump over the tall boy. Another mistake. As we both ran at each other, I launched my self in the air and kicked him square in the face. He staggered back and I noticed his face start to crack but fixed itself before the humans noticed. Great. I wasn't meant to do that, now I've properly angered the whole vampire clan. He was tiring now. When he ran at me again I side stepped and did the same thing I did to Emmet to him. "Out! Well done jackson! You could have tried harder and had this done earlier!" He called over the crowed to me. The people turned to me "what! You and I both know if I went fall out they wouldn't have stood a chance! You said don't hurt them!" I joked he came over and tried to give me a noggee "not going to work old man" got out his head lock and twisted his arm behind his back. "Fine Jackson you win this one!" He said "what do you mean? I've won all of them." I joked again and then coach sent everyone to change while we walked back in playful banter, ignoring the looks we were getting.

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