Hogwarts 6

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Not going to lie, this was so awkward.
"Harry, could you give me any advise for school? The teachers, students ghosts? Anyone I should be weary of." He smiled smugly. Obviously pleased that I had asked him.
"If you want to be cool, you want to be on your houses quidditch team." I remember quidditch was that game on broomsticks. I nodded my head and he continued. "Watch out for Draco Malfoy . He was on Voldemort's side in the war but towards the end he moved to our side. He is still a twat though" I smirked slightly at that. I'm guessing it was a kinda I-know-something-you-don't smile because Hermione asked me what. I told her it's nothing and shock my head.

'Draco Malfoy' is actually a demigod. His quest was I n my folder aswell. He is half wizard, half god. Son of Hermes. I remember he said he went to magic school and camp in the summer. My folder said he was a spy on our side that's why he was on our side for the final of the war. Us two were pretty close, after he pranked me with the the classic gel in my shampoo, we started a prank war. He wasn't their when everyone turned on me so I'm guessing we're still cool.

"What do you think Percy?" Hermione asked me.
"Sorry. I was away with the fairies. What were you saying?" She rolled her eyes at me.
"What house do you think you'll be in? The brave; the loyal; the smart or the cunning?" Everyone looked at me expectantly. I honestly didn't know. Probably not the smart, even with Athena's blessing, I'm not book smart.
The rest I don't know. I've been told I'm brave, my fatal flaw is loyalty and you have to be cunning in battle. I guess I'll go with my routes. I was born with my loyalty, the rest I've built up as I've grown.
"Uh. The loyal I guess." I said uncertain. It went quiet again. This is really awkward.
"Tell me about the ghosts" I said pretending to be fascinated. I really just wanted my little side quest to be as easy as possible.
"There is 4 ghosts you'll always see in the great hall. Each house has a ghost. Professor Binns is a ghost. He teaches history of magic, there is also peeves." Hermione said in her know-it-all voice. Before I could reply, the compartment door slid open. In the door way was m Draco Malfoy. I pretended to not know him. He spoke in a snotty tone. That's different to at camp where he is always carefree and fun.

"Oh It's Potter again." He snarled.
"What do you want Malfoy." Harry asked calmly but he was annoyed.
"I just wanted to check if the school had chucked out mud bloods yet. The ministry haven't stopped hunting them yet." I remember mud blood is a insult to muggle born and Hermione let out a whimper. Let's see what Harry will do.
"Oh we have Weasley too. The disgrace to pure bloods." Ron looked away not even sticking up for himself. I looked away out the window as he glanced round the room.
"Who is that at the window? I bet he is a mudblood" He finally asked. I went to turn and stand up but Harry spoke.
"He's new. We don't know him." Really Harry? Anyway I slowly stood up and glided my way over to Draco. I smirked thinking about what is about to happen.
"Watch who you insult" I said calmly looking up so he knows it's me. He put his hand up about to bro hug me but I winked at him to play along.
"Who might you be?" He asked me perfectly playing his part.
"Percy Jackson. Half blood." It wasn't a lie I am a half blood - just a different type.
"Draco. Draco Malfoy." He said.
"Wow. You must think your important to repeat your name." He snarled at me like an animal.
"You've got a big mouth. You know that." I nodded confidently.
"Not as big as your head though." I added on. Then we both clasped on the floor laughing. Omgs.

"Guys meet Draco Malfoy." I said swinging an arm around is shoulder.
"We've met that git before" Ron said.
"No you haven't met the real Draco. The other guy was a cover up because he had a quest." At that Draco waved his hand dismissing the guy behind him. The guy walked off. Draco stepped in and closed the door.
"I'm Draco Malfoy son of Hermes" He said comically curtsying. Everyone still glared at him.
"Draco is half god, half wizard. He started school here, like you at 11 but he's been at camp since he was 9. When he started school, he was given a quest but Lady Hecate. He had to spy on the dark side and report to her. Not even Dumbledore knew this plan until after the war." As soon as I finished Malfoy continued.
"No one can know. If this gets out. The ministry will be after us. We are half breeds after all" he said grinning. "I hope you know everything I've done to you over the years was an act. I had to play it for my quest. If you fail a quest personally given to you by a goddess...." he trailed off but I knew it was bad.
After no one spoke for a while, he dismissed himself.

"Honestly guys you can trust Draco. He can put his act to the side now you know." I just rolled their eyes at me at the 'impossible' thought.

I moved to sit in the corner of the compartment and pulled out the folder and started writing to Lady Hecate.

Milady? Can you ask Zeus if he allows me to play quidditch?

Yeah. I'll ask him at the meeting tomorrow. Is their anything you would like to know?

Yes. Do you think it's wise for me to reveal who I am tonight? I feel that the longer I lie the less they will trust me later.

I would save it for Friday. Get used to the school and such.
Tonight you will be sorted.
Tomorrow you will start lesson
Then you can get on with your quest.

Thankyou my lady.

I went to close the folder when another message popped up.

Percy, I want to make this as easy as possible. I'll tell you any information that I find but I'm warning you, this will probably end in a larger battle. Be prepared for attacks on the school and try to have fun.
Also a certain goddess of the moon is worried about you. ;)

I felt the heat travel to my face at the mention of Lady Artemis. The renowned man hater was worried about me? I can't help but feel honoured. If I'm honest I worry about her aswell. I know she can look after her self but being away on quests kinda keeps me out of the loop.

I closed the folder and stuffed it back into my bag. Then Ginny came over.
"You need to change into your robes. Professor Dumbledore won't be happy if your not ready" I nodded but nah. I'm not getting into those things. How am I supposed to fight in those clothes. The barrier around Hogwarts is broken. Monsters and wizards can come in freely. I'm not chancing loosing a fight because I tripped on my robe. Instead I changed into more school worthy clothes: black jeans and a white t-shirt. Sorry! I didn't bring a dress shirt.
Hermione rolled her eyes when she saw me. She even blushed a little bit but didn't say anything. Why does she keep blushing? Isn't she with Ron? I don't like Hermione, I like strong, independent women who smell like the woods and glows under the moon with auburn hair and silver.... okay off track here.
I then heard the fog horn sound again signalling we've arrived.

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