Hogwarts 1

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"Percy the school is for witches and wizards." I let that bounce around in my head a bit and after a while it made sense.
"Okay." She seemed surprised but that.
"Percy, you will travel to Hogwarts in Scotland. You will be posing as a student. You need to protect the school and teach the wizards what they need to know. Bring them hope and teach them how to cope post war. You can tell them your a demi god when you feel they trust you."
"Okay I have a few questions" she nodded her head in a 'ask away' gesture
"how will I be able to use magic and when do I leave.?"
"I will bless you with magic and all the knowledge you will need. You will leave for London tonight but school doesn't start for another week. I will send you to a safe house where my son had created the order of the Phoenix. They were a group of magic people who fought back against the evil wizard called Voldemort. They will know who you are but not what you've done, you can tell them that. The headmaster - my son Albus Dumbledore (HE LIVES!) will be teaching defence against the dark arts but will ask you to help him teach hand-to-hand combat and weaponry." I nodded in understanding and she held out her hand ready to bless me. When the beam of light hit me, I fell to my knees and my skin itched with the new power. Then when I stood, Carefully placed a thin box in my hand and whispered 2 words "your wand" I had no clue what I was meant to do. I acted like it would self destruct any second. I slowly took of the lid and gingerly picked it up. A bright sea green light, highlighted with every colour associated with the gods blessings shot out. "I knew it! The most powerful wand made since the elder wand" using my new found knowledge I knew the elder wand was a deathly hallow and belonged to Dumbledore. Then Hecate sent me off to pack.

Not an hour later, she had picked me up and she handed me a small key, telling me I would need it later. I only had a bag of clothes, Apollo's necklace and riptide. As well as emergency ambrosia and money, drachmas and galleons. Then she flashed me away, leaving me on the door step of a abandoned looking house

Sorry this is so short, there was a gas explosion and it ruined all the internet and stuff. Updates will be slower on weekdays - still have school you know

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