Twilight 3

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I dragged Bella into my car and sped down towards my house. Neither of us spoke until we got to my house.
I told Carlisle to call and meeting and soon everyone in the Clan was in the living room, plus Bella.
"Edwards what's wrong?" Bella asked worried.
"We need to talk about this Percy guy he is not human - well not fully at least."
Bella looked shocked and then the rest of my family looked confused.
"Charlie has taken in a boy named Percy Jackson until he gets a new home. His parents were murdered and Charlie's is looking out for him. But he is strange."
Carlisle gives me a kind of go on look so I continue.
"When he saw me, he tensed like he was ready to fight me. He explained his story but little things in it didn't add up like why was Charlie looking after him? He hadn't lived in forks before now.  Then when I shock his hand he didn't flinch from the cold. His grip was firmer than that of a human and he was looking at me. Analysing me and he was slowly reaching for his pocket but Charlie stopped him. So Charlie is on it. Then I tried to get into his mind. At this Percy's eyes widened and realised
What was happening. He turned away and I felt further and further from his thoughts. I couldn't read his mind at all. It isn't like Bella though. More like he's keeping me out." I stopped to take a breath.
"On top of that, my vampire eyes noticed scars all over his body that would usually be impossible to see. His eyes looked like they had been filled with happiness and love, shattered and then slowly built up again but they were still cracked."
Esme whimpered at that. "Poor boy" she whispered but I just shock my head.
"There's more." Carlisle raised an eyebrow
"He is extremely good looking. Nothing like a human. Maybe even more so than a vampire. He had colour in his skin" Rosalie shook her head in disbelief.
"And he had a weird aura of power glowing around him. I could only see it when I focused but it was there and it was very strong. I nearly fell to my knees when I met him."
They all looked at me shocked. Then Emmett Spoke.
"I'm sure your over reacting. Anyway what can one boy do against a whole clan of vampires? Look. If your that worried, we'll meet him at school tomorrow and we'll see for ourselves."
That me at ease a bit. He was one boy a against us vampires and we had the wolves on our side now. What's the worse that can happen?

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