Hogwarts 21

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Annabeth's POV

I ran up to the campfire where we were meant to be meeting Percy. I was the first one there and he was alone.
How was he supposed to teleport us to Scotland? Only a god can flash in and out of a place.
He was wearing a long sleeve, grey shirt with black skinny jeans with highs top converse.
"Hi Annabeth" He said causally. Why did it seem our break up didn't effect him?
"Hi seaweed brain" I said, bringing up the old childhood nickname.
"How has camp been?" He asked with the same tone with a hint of curiosity.
"It's been fine. Nathan and I have been taking the lead, helping everyone. But the campers miss you" I added the last bit on to try to make him stay. Why did I want that?
"Yeah" was all he said. Did he not miss us?
"So who's flashing us to Hogwarts?" I asked. Every cabin leader was here now but no one who was able to teleport people.
"I am" He said, turning to the group. "Okay, How would you all like to travel? Vapour, fire, shadow or teleportation" he asked with a board tone. How had Percy gained this power? Why did he feel like a god when I first walked into the big house?
"When I left for Olympus, I was blessed with new powers and these are some of them" he explained as if that answered everything. I thought about it. Vapour would be dangerous because you could get stuck as water vapour. Fire travel, you could literally all burn if the one leading you looses concentration. Shadow traveling was safe enough, other than the fact, you could be eaten by a hellhound while mid-shadow. I'm a daughter of athena- I know all this.
The choice of teleportation was weird. I hadn't heard of a god with that power. I spoke on behalf of the cabin leaders.
"Teleporting" I said clearly, with my chin held high. Percy only smirked.
"Okay get in a circle around me, hold hands." He ordered. It made me think about how Nico found it easier to shadow travel groups if he was in the centre of them.
"Okay everyone ready?" He asked and looked at everyone nodding around him.
"Okay. I have a few warnings.
The first is to never let go on the people next to you, Or you would be dropped somewhere between here and Scotland. The second, is that this is the worst choice of transport you could have chosen. And finally, I have never teleported other people before." Percy said. Before anyone could react, he was teleporting us.

I felt that every ounce of my being was being sucked into one spot. The ground beneath me left and I couldn't keep my eyes open. I felt my dinner churning and my brain turning to mush, but I couldn't find the voice to scream. I felt for the hands holding mine, reminding myself not to let go. and then it was over.

I opened my eyes to see a magnificent castle with amazing architecture. The structures and archers must have been atleast 500 years old. I would have kept rambling if percy didn't talk.
"Okay campers!" He addressed us as if he wasn't one of us anymore. " the wizards have been training with weapons for a few weeks now but could still use help. Hecate and I both agree it would be a bad idea to give you magic.
I need to go tell them why your here and who you are. Do not come in until I call for you. Try not to look intimidating, the hunters have already done that. They need to warm up to you so don't scare them away. We planned to tell everyone about plan B tonight." percy told us before disappearing into the massive oak doors.

Hey. This chapter was really short but it was just a filler, more interesting next time.
Guess what! I have great news! Well it's good for me, I don't think it'll benefit you in anyway tho 🤔
This years school musical is HAIRSPRAY! and I got the lead! I'm Tracey!
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Also, this is really weird. One of you amazing readers were telling me how their teacher was reading my story. I walked into English today, and our topic was fan fiction! It was our first lesson on it and Miss got some examples from Wattpad. She read my whole story to the class, not knowing it was me who wrote it! It was so weird. She read the first chapter and told us to write we think'll happen next but I now the whole story line! (I'm pretty sure she'll know who it is now. They didn't read the ANs though, so they can't work out it's me)
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