Twilight 4

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Today I the day I start school.  Yay! Note the sarcasm. Maybe it won't be so bad. Athena's blessing made my dyslexia easier to deal with. I had already seen the school on my run so I knew where I was going.
I looked in my wardrobe remembering I hadn't packed anything. On the inside of the door was a note:

I hope you like it all
- love

I inwardly groaned but was surprised by everything in the wardrobe. Everything I'm here I would actually wear. What surprised me though was when I stepped in, a whole out fit flew out towards me. I was already late so I quickly put it on. I looked in the full body mirror and was surprised I actually looked good!

I had on black skinny jeans with rips in the knees. But not to tight I ant fight in them.
My white shirt has a black triangle in the middle. The sleeves stopped halfway down my biceps and they were rolled slightly. On top was a hooded jacket and I paired it with black trainers.
Apollo's chain hung round my neck along with my camp necklace. I couldn't bring my self to get rid of it. It help my accomplishments and memories. I shoved riptide in my pocket and shouldered the rucksack hanging on the door with my school supplies. And I ran down the stairs into the kitchen.
Bella was sitting in one of the odd chairs with a plate of bacon and eggs. "Did you want some?" She asked me.
"Can I have some eggs? I'm vegetarian" I admitted. She passed me a plate of eggs. Not going to lie, it was a bit awkward. Before I ate I prayed to the gods quickly. "So..." Bella said. I looked up at her expecting her to go on. "Do you want a ride to school? Edwards picking me up but he won't mind" she asked me. I pretended to think about but said no. "Nah, I'm good I had someone drop my car off last night" I said. She looked down and said "okay cool" then there was a car horn from outside. Edward. As she went to leave I gently grabbed her hand. Could you wait for me? I don't know where the school is I can follow behind. My car is parked out back I'll drive it to the front then follow you" she nodded and walked out. I followed her and ran round the side of her house and pulled the chain of Apollo's necklace and imagined a white Chevrolet Corvette. I know it's properly a bit much for school but I've always wanted this car. The chain in my hand transformed into keys and I unliked the car and drove it round. The look on Edwards face when he saw it was amazing. But he got in his car and I followed him to the school.
When I rolled into the parking lot everyone froze. Their eyes followed my car and they slowly walked up to me.
After pausing for effect, I stepped out the car. What can I say? Hanging out with Apollo and Zeus has given me a dramatic flare. I heard gasps from the girls and I got glares from the boys. Great. Maybe I should have toned this down a bit. I never liked attention. I walked over towards Edwards car to talk to Bella. "Hey bells, can you show me to the office?" I asked her innocently. She happily showed me around but she received dirty looks from the girls. Whoops sorry Bella.
We entered a small white building and she led me to a desk with a middle aged lady. "Hello dear are you Perseus Jackson?" She asked. I stiffened but quickly hid it. "Yes madam, can I have my schedule?"  She handed me a few pieces of paper and then I nodded goodbye. I'd had to look into her later, I was registered here as Percy. Only people who wanted to kill me would ever call me Perseus. I lead Bella away from her and then handed her the papers. "Hey I'm dyslexic can you read this for me?" She looked up at me and read out my time table. Turns out it's the same as her and Edward.
Okay biology was easy for me as being the whole 'son of Poseidon' and stuff. Greek, I can talk fluently and would be easy.
Gym was always good for my ADHD. I could move and not get yelled at, I hope we do something good.

English was slow and the teacher was rude. It's not my fault I'm dyslexic, I tried but she can't expect me to read the whole textbook aloud to the class.

Biology passed quickly and then it was time for Greek.
I took a seat at the back of the class and then the teacher started talking. "Greek is new to the school this year, does anyone already know how to speak Greek?" I slowly put up my hand and to my surprise, so did Edward. "Great!" The teacher said delighted. Why don't you two come up here and have a convocation!" I carefully rose from my seat and then Edward started talking in Greek

"So when did you learn to speak Greek?" He asked
"Greek is my first language, my dad was Greek how about you? "  i replied
"I've got a lot of free time" he admitted.
"Tell me about you and Bella" I asked and he stiffened slightly.
"She gives me something to love. Someone to protect. I would do anything for her and I will let no one hurt her" the end felt aimed at me.
"Nah man I get it. I used to love someone like that"
"What happened?" He asked me.
I sighed and took a breath.
"She cheated on me, with my half brother" i said looking down at the ground. I could feel his eyes boring into me. Then the teacher cleared her throat I looked up at her to see her baffled. Okay she didn't know a word of Greek. I shook my head and sat down.

My guess is that lunch will be interesting.

Hey guys! If you were wondering this is Percy's outfit and car!

Hey guys! If you were wondering this is Percy's outfit and car!

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