Hogwarts 24

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I spoke to Artemis that night. She was worried about Kronos. It wasn't fair that everyone at camp had risked a lot to defeat him only for him to return way earlier than he was supposed to. Is it weird to think that Kronos is both of ours grandfather? I can't think that. I cringe the idea out my head and walk to breakfast.
I ate quickly, in anticipation for the dual against Nathan. I wonder who he would choose as a team mate.
After eating, Jason and I casually made our way to the sports pitch, in no rush. I almost laughed when I saw what was waiting for me.
Nathan was in battle armour. It was way too big for his scrawny body and Harry was dressed the same next to him, clutching his wand and a sword. Of all the people he could have teamed with! He chose Harry!
Jason and I had no armour. We agreed it would slow us down. I was ready, holding riptide in its own form in my hand.

"If we win, you have to step down and let Jason lead. If you win, you can stay" I said. That's what was agreed to in the hall.

"Powers are allowed," Nathan said. I could see Artemis over his shoulder face palm. I guess that meant Harry could use his sword but it meant that Jason could use lightning and I could use all the elements vs magic and water. I don't think they really thought this through.
"No unforgivable curses" I reminded Harry who just slyly nodded.

Harry moved into the middle and turned his back to me and raised his wand in front of his nose. Did he think that was a wizards duel? No Harry. You are mistaken.

Nathan pulls him back, embarrassed for his team mate.
We get into demigod positions and Artemis counts us in.

Immediately, Harry fired a spell at Jason. I recognised the red light as the stunning spell. Jason hadn't raised his sword yet so I pulled out my wand and used a shield spell on him. Jason thanked me and we both lunged into battle.

I ran straight to Harry. I knew that Jason didn't know how to defend himself against magic, I thought it only fair that It was magic vs magic.

I held riptide in my right hand and my wand in my left. I waited for Harry to make the first move. looking into his mind, i saw the his plan of the battle. I knew Harry from class, he had a lot of arrogance so he didn't try hard enough. I knew he was pretty good with a wand, but not good enough to challenge someone personally blessed by Hecate.

"Stupify!" Harry yelled across the field, walking towards me, closing the distance. I waited until the last second to reflect the spell with Riptide.
I waved my wand and silently preformed the slug puking spell. That wasn't a pretty sight at all.
Harry was coughing about slugs as he raised his wand again. I didn't catch what he said, it was muffled by one of Nathan's ridiculous battle cries. Needless to say I dodged.
I started to form a plan in my head. I needed Harry pretty much defenceless, maybe knock him out? No, I shouldn't do that, I know he is being a pig right now, but he still has to fight on our side, I can't embarrass him on his home territory. I battled with my self in my head, a fight against putting him in his place and being honourable. Me being me, I went for the latter.

I wordlessly flicked my wrist again and a red light emitted from my wand, traveling towards him. Time seemed to slow. What was going on? It was like I was fighting Kronos again.
Harry fired a red spell that met with mine in the middle. I felt my moves go sluggish. Was Kronos here? I needed to end this battle to find out. I counted down from three in my head and encased the spells in water, before freezing them and shattering them.

I stepped back from Harry and ran straight to Jason and Nathan. "Kronos" I said in one word. Jason's proud smirk turned into a thin line, his eye brows creased with worry and he was asking me what to do silently with his eyes.
Nathan was a whole other story. His eyes lit up and he had an evil smirk on his face. Did he know this was coming? I quickly looked to the lake and felt the familiar tug in my gut. I pulled the water and had it surround Nathan's arms and legs and froze it into shackles on the floor.
"Where is he?" I yelled to him.
"Close" he answered coldly. "Kronos will rise again, and I will get all the praise" he sneered with the grin still on his face.

I looked to Jason. "Tell the school to be ready. Kronos is close, I don't know what he is planning. Come up with an attack plan and get the younger students to safety. The demigods are under your command." Jason nodded determined. I knew I could count on him.
"What about him?" He asked me pointing to Nathan with his sword.
"He is going to olympus" on that note, I grabbed Nathan's frozen shoulder and teleported away.

Don't think I was being dumb with encasing a son of Poseidon with ice. The ice part comes from
years and years of practice, something he didn't have.

I teleported us tight only the centre of the throne room, only Zeus was there. "Call a meeting" i said quickly. He raised an eyebrow and glanced at the frozen boy behind me. He raised his bolt to the sky and shot a large streak of lightning. Within seconds the council was there.
They looked to Zeus but he waved his hand to me. All the heads turned. I looked to Artemis, she sat proudly on her throne but her eyes shone with worry.
"As you know Kronos is rising, but we didn't know how he has managed to do it so soon" I said, standing in front of Nathan's body.
"He has help" I said stepping out the way, so my latest ice sculpture could be seen.
"I was in a dual against Harry Potter and then time slowed. I pulled my self out of it and walked to Jason and Nathan. I though he was on our side, but the smirk told us otherwise when I mentioned Kronos. I've been back stabbed way too many times to leave it to chance so I locked him down with ice and started asking him about Kronos and he fully admitted to working with him" every single face turned angry.
"What should we do?" Lady Hera asked.
"He is a traitor of olympus" Ares said simply. I let the council have their little telepathic conversation and I watched Artemis. It's cute how her nose crinkles when she doesn't like something and how her eyes shine when she is smiling. I was pulled out my thoughts when I felt a new presence in the room.
I felt my self stiffen but relaxed when I saw it was Uncle Hades.
"Why don't we put him in the fields of punishment?" He recommended. To be honest, I didn't know what I wanted to Happen to Nathan. Yes he drove me away from camp. Yes he sided with Kronos but did he kill anyone? I don't think so..... but would he have? Could we take the risk in leaving him? No I don't think we could. Unless.....
"Uncle?" I asked facing Hades.
"What do you suggest his punishment would be in the underworld?"
"Somethings bad" he said simply. We don't know Nathan's reasons for opposing Olympus.
"What do you want to happen percy?" I was asked by Lady Hera.
I looked to my dad. I knew what dad was like. He wholeheartedly loved his children and the sea never forgets one of its own. Knowing this, I knew we couldn't kill him.
"Couldn't we throw him in the river Lethe, he would have no memories and we could retrain him to be on our side. We are at war right now, do we need more deaths and punishments than necessary. Nathan is an A-class jerk and and idiot for going against us but can we just go back to the last time this happened. Luke, son of Hermes, he betrayed Olympus, he ended up dying to save it. Couldn't we skip that whole part and start him over?" I asked pleadingly.

Zeus rubbed his beard and Hades looked at me shocked, my dad was thankful.
"All in favour?" Zeus asked. Everyone agreed with me.
"Very well. He can live with Poseidon under the sea until the war is over." Then he flashed out. Why did he go? I still need to talk about Kronos being close to the school.

Sorry everyone. I was grounded 🤕

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