Hogwarts 12

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I nodded to Hecate to let her know it was okay. I used my powers to create a fine mist and she threw a drachma in.
"Oh, Iris, goddess of the rainbow, show me percy Jackson's life." The rainbow shimmered and I conjured up a row of chairs for myself and our visitors to sit on. Hecate waved her hand and made the image bigger, turning the room into a cinema.

I saw 8 year old me walking into then kitchen and seeing my mum be slapped by smelly Gabe. I watched myself stand up for my mother only to be punched in the gut. I was pulled into my room and the door swung shut blocking the view of my beating, all that could be heard were my screams.

I felt Artemis grab my hand and Thalia rested her gaze to my face. My dad gasped, Hestia looked like she was about to cry and the hunters looked ready to kill Gabe. My dad looked at me and whispered "why didn't you tell me? I would have stopped him, I would have killed him" he said anger in his voice but also sympathy.
"I would have but I was 8, I didn't know who I was and your not aloud to interfere. If I didn't, Mum would have died." He looked at the floor and the image continued to show more pain inflicted by Gabe. Then it showed being bullied my Nancy Bobofit.

"What is if prissy" She asked as she kicked the football at me. "Sad about you dad? I bet he is not even lost as sea, he probably ran away from you" she teased spitefully. I watched my self stand up and spat in her face.
"Do not talk ill of my father! He was in the navy! He was a hero!" I said. That's what I had been told by my mum. Nancy scoffed and walked away. Leaving me even sadder than before. Then Grover came over and tried to comfort me. I worked because I got up and walked towards the canteen. When I got there, it showed me getting called to the principals office and I was told about getting suspension for something I never did.

"Dad. Even though I didn't know who you were, I stuck up for you." I said looking him in the eyes. He looked ashamed to have left me. The image flickered to the next.

I was standing out side the museum we went to the day I found out who I was. I watched my self and Grover sit by the fountain and turned when Nancy threw sticky sandwiches in Grovers hair. I yelled at her and when I turned away, I saw the water pull her into the fountain. She screamed and Mrs Dodds pulled me back into a private room and transformed into Alecto screening for the master bolt.

"I just thought I'll tell you that this was the first monster I battled and I still didn't know who I was. I hadn't had any training at this point" I announced to the audience behind us. They nodded their heads in understanding, now slightly showing sympathy in their eyes. No one knew about my abusive step father and the bullying. That was apart of the story I never told. The next scene was me actually killing my algebra teacher.

I watched as she turned into a withered bat-like creature. "Percy Jackson! Where's the master bolt? Tell me or die!" She screeched and charged at me. Chiron and Grover appeared and he thew me a pen but it landed in my hand as a sword. I watched as my instincts took over. In a few swipes, Alecto was a pile of dust. "I should have known" Chiron whispered and hurried me outside. I watched my face turn in confusion as somehow Mr Bruner had beaten me down the steps. I walked towards him and confronted him about Mrs Dodds and he said that I had too much sun and Mrs Dodds didn't exist. I spent the rest of the year trying to catch people of guard and end this 'prank'. It never happened.

I remember feeling like I was insane. What was worse was I could tell my best friend was lying to me. The next seen was minutes before my mum was taken and I made it to camp.

"No not now!" My Mum whisper shouted as the thunder boomed and screams and roars were heard in the distance. "Percy get in the car!" She pleaded with me. On the way out I ran into Grover. He spoke to my mum and at the time I had no idea what he was saying but now I know he was warning us about the Minotaur. Mum was driving before my door was shut and sped up towards the tip of Long Island. I watched the car flip and is struggling to get out and running on foot towards Thalia's pine tree. "Perceeeee" my mum called as the Minotaur grabbed her and squeezed until she was a ball of light. I started to fight with the Minotaur, remembering my mother's advise: move at the last minute. I did as I was told, moving and eventually, the oversized cow had one of his horns stuck in the tree. As he pulled away, it tipped off its head, wailing in pain. I took the chance to pull the horn from the tree and stab it into the Minotaurs ribcage. I looked into it's eyes and watched him turn to dust. Grover was knocked out beside be and my mother was gone. I fell to the floor.

"I don't even remember it, I was blinded with anger and grief and then I passed out" I said, mainly to myself but everyone in the silent room heard. We watched me be welcomed into cabin 11 and splash clarisse with toilet water. I chuckled to my self, reminiscing the day.

We watched capture the flag and getting claimed. I watched Grover, Annabeth and I complete the first quest, ending it with a battle against Ares, before being betrayed by Luke and stung by a pit scorpion. That was about the 100th time I could have died.
The image shimmered to Tyson and I battling Canadians at Goode School and Annabeth saving us. Coming back to seeing camp under attack and us racing against Luke to get the Golden Fleece. I watched us enter the sea of monsters and almost dying. I watched annabeth listen to the sirens and having to fight her to stop her from jumping in. Everyone laughed when they saw me as a Guinea pig but shut up when I glared at them. I watched us successfully returning the Fleece.
The rest of my quests carried on playing like that. It took hours and I felt like I was doing it all again.
The wizards grew more interested when we reached the battle on Manhattan. They watched us strategising and me taking the lead, commanding the army of the dead, hunter and demigods to their points. I watched annabeth and I running around Manhattan turning on all the automatons to help us. They watched me slice and slash at every monster I saw. I watched my face fall when Annabeth took the dagger from me and turned into a maniac making sure nothing touched her. They watched Annabeth and I kiss under the lake and I blushed but I squeezed Artemis's hand. It showed my 2 blissful months and then me waking up alone, next to Lupa the wolf and me fighting the 2 gorgons while slowly making my way to camp Jupiter, carrying Lady Hera in my arms. I crossed the river Tiber and lost my Achilles curse. I watched as hazel and frank and I freed Thanatos and killed a couple giants.
I watched the Romans lifting me on a shield, proclaiming me as their leader. I watched The Argo II appear and Annabeth's and I reuniting. J watched possessed Leo fire on the city, causing the seven to run away. We watched our quest through. I watched us breaking the parking lot to Annabeth. I stood next to her and whispered too her calming her down. Then I felt my stomach drop as annabeth began to fall. I watched my self fly forward and grabbed her hand and being tugged to a small ledge. I told Nico where to go and then we were plummeting. I watched us drinking from the fire river and choking. I couldn't watch all of Tartarus.

I stood up quickly and threw riptide into the screen, effectively ending the iris message "Stop this. I have tried so hard to forget this. I have to relive it all every time I sleep, do not make me watch this." I pleaded desperately. This had so much suffering in, it took me ages to be able to laugh again. I couldn't watch it and be reminded vividly. Nico was also shaking his head. He was there aswell, only for an hour or 2 but he saw Tartarus in its worst state.
"You have said yourself , gods can hardly bare Tartarus, watching this will drive Nico and I insane. The wizards will not want to see this." I remembered when I had almost drowned the goddess of misery in her own potion. I didn't want that to get out. I controlled her Golden blood flow. If the gods knew I had that skill, well that will be bad. Nico nodded thankfully to me. We ended our movie night there. I left everyone in wonder of what happened next. All they knew was that it broke me.
As the last words left my mouth , I bowed to the deities and run outside and jumped straight into the lake.

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