Hogwarts 5

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After the little scene in the wand shop, we decided to meet up with everyone. We spent ages trying to find Hermione but I found her. It was a weird encounter:

*10 minutes ago*

We couldn't find Hermione anywhere so we split up and looked for her we said to meet back at the tavern in 10 in you cant find her.
The thing with Hermione is that she reminded me of Annabeth. She would be at a library or bookstore or something. I remember Hermione saying that Florish and Blotts was her favourite book store so I decided to make my way there.
I watch Harry walk into the pet shop and Ron walk into a sweet shop. Really? That's the first place they look for her? I roll my eyes and make my way down the ally towards the book store.
Sure enough, I found her between the shelves of books, mumbling about things not making sense. I decided to make my presence known.
"Hey Hermione? Everyone's looking for you." She looked up at me a blushed. Why do girls do that around me? It's weird. "Uh. Do you need help understanding something? I could help." She looked at me in surprise. Yes, I know, I look dumb and oblivious but Athena kinda helped me out with that.
"I was reading about demigods. The stories in here don't match to yours." I glanced at the cover of her book. It was English great! I asked her what the book was called and pulled the Greek copy out of the shelf. I read the story quickly and sighed.
"That's because the stories are wrong. That's why they don't match." She looked at me like I was insane.
"Books don't lie" she said simply, blowing a strand of frizzy hair out her face.
"Don't you think it was strange that you never knew demigods existed?" I asked her slightly annoyed. "That's because your not supposed to know. It will mess things up and if an evil wizard finds out, they can learn to control Greek monsters. Your magic has no effect on them so they will tear you to shreds." I said in a low voice so no one over hears. She thought about it and as she made to say something I shut her down again. "They make the stories out to be unbelievable so no one believes them." She looked at her shoes in defeat. Then she walked out in a huff and I followed silently.

"- ercy won't know where to look" I heard someone sneer as I pulled open the old Viking door to the Leaky Cauldron.
"What was that?" I asked innocently behind Hermione. "I found her in the book shop. Come on guys. You've known Hermione for years and you think she'll be in a candy store?" I said looking at Ron who just shrugged. I rolled my eyes for the third time today and then we made our way back to the house.
That night I barely had time to pack everything before I passed out on the bed.

I woke up earlier than the others - like usual. I started my run at 5, trained a little and then was back by 7. By the time I had showered and changed, everyone was grouping in the kitchen eating breakfast and planning the travel. The train left at 11, that gives us 4 hours.
"We have a small problem" Mr Weasley said. "2 ministry cars won't be big enough for everyone, we will be seat short so I guess I'll stay here and say goodbye.  Although I was hoping on waving-" I know it's rude but I cut him off.
"Mr Weasley, don't worry about it. You can wave your children off, I'll teleport there." He gave me a sympathetic look.
"Sorry percy, you can't aparate into kings cross it's got a shield on it." I nodded my head but I wasn't going to give up. I excused my self for a minute and run up stairs to my             message-hecate-folder.

Yes Percy?

Will I be able to teleport using Lord Hermes blessing to kings cross or will the shield stop me.

There was a moment before she answered.
Yes. You can, the boarder only keeps out magic and your powers are godly. The only magic in the station is the barrier.

I thanked her and ran down the stairs 2 at a time.
"Mr Weasley? I checked, I should be all good to teleport to kings cross and catch the train. You can ride with your children" for a moment he had a face of excitement and gratitude and then he composed himself and thanked me. Then Harry's snotty voice rung in my head.
"Why don't you just teleport all the way to the school? You might aswell..." he trailed of the rest I couldn't hear.
"Teleportation is a new skill for me. It takes a lot of concentration and it is draining. Right now we are in London, the same city as kings cross. That trip is easy enough, I can't get too lost. Hogwarts is in Scotland. Teleporting from London to Scotland with my lack of experience would be unwise. I could end up in China." I finished remembering all the times Nico got stranded in China. He nodded his head in understanding but I watched annoyance flash in his eyes before I flashed away with a hand on my trunk.

I appeared in the train station. I glanced around to see if anyone noticed me but saw no eyes no me. I guess the mist hide me pretty well. Not 20 minutes later, the houseful rolled into the station. Mrs Weasley smiled kindly in a greeting but no one else payed attention. Harry took the lead and led us to a wall. Then he started running. Inside I was wincing thinking about the pain of running into a wall but my face was emotionless like I wasn't surprised and I ran into walls every day. I watched as he disappeared into the wall. Okay. That was weird. Then mr Weasley parred my shoulder signalling for me to take my turn. "Its better If  you run if your scared." He suggested but I walked cool and casually through the wall and was greeted with a crimson train. I moved out the way so Ginny could come through and made my way over towards Harry. The train was a deep red with black detailing and gold plating. On the side in cursive gold - a killer in my eyes - said hgoattws epcsress. After looking at it long enough, I worked out it said Hogwarts express. When the gig horn blew, people slowly started to get on the train, I pushed my trolly over towards where mr and Mrs Weasley we're standing.
"I want to say thankyou for looking after me the last few days." I said to them honestly. They gave me happy smiles and said it was a pleasure and all of the things you say to be polite. Then when Harry and everyone was on the train mr Weasley pulled me in close.
"Protect them percy, they're going to need you. What every you do, don't be tempted" then the horn blew again signifying it's 5 minute warning. He patted me on the back and pushed me towards the train. I climbed on quickly because I really didn't feel like missing the train and ending up in China. I carried my trunk in hands easily and peered into each compartment looking for the familiar faces.
When I found them I asked if they minded if I sat with them Hermione gestured with her hand the free seat. I effortlessly swung my trunk on the rails above me and sat down.
"How long is the ride?" I asked. Again Hermione replied, the others aired me. She said a too long amount of time. I'm ADHD, sitting in a tight compartment on a long trip with nothing to do. This was great.

This chapter is for johgrah05 for begging me to update. So I finished this quickly.
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