Hogwarts 28

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I stood infront of my army with Artemis at my side, waiting for the enemy to get here. Fight on the flat land of the grounds, not in the woods.

Everyone had armour on. The professors were casting charms on the castle, shielding it but I wasn't satisfied.

I told everyone to hand back.

I raised my wand and conjured water. I controlled it so the whole castle was in a hollow, box of water. I made a fist and I visualised the water particles freezing.

When my eyes focused, I saw my plan had worked. Every door and window was sealed with impenetrable, black ice. Only I, unless dad decides to make a show, can take it down and it was impossible to climb.

I was happy. No one was getting in or out. Like I said.

I ran to the lake and warned the mer-folk of what was happening. I ordered them not to harm anyone. Pig was happy to help protect his home.


The army was close now. It was lead by Lucius. I had Draco next to me and he seemed indifferent, but I knew it masked his disappointment.

"Why carry on? You're going to loose!" Lucius tormented.
"Kronos has promised victory! He will rise and there will be a new golden age! Better than befo-".

I know it's rude to interrupt and stuff but everyone was itching to get this over with.

"Yeah okay blondie! I heard this speech not that long ago. It's the same thing!" I started walking in circles, I don't know why I'm so frustrated.

"I want to take over the world. I want a new golden age! Kronos is my best friend! He gives me ice cream and toy cars!" I mimicked. It seemed to tick him off because he fired a volley of arrows.

My army waited for a command. But I never gave one. I raised a hand and created a line of fire, and burned the arrows out the sky.

Lucius looked furious. But before he could do anything else, I created arrows of water and froze the tips into sharpe points of ice. I had made about 200 in the 2 seconds I had.

I sent them all flying into the enemy army, starting to litter the ground with golden monster dust. There were shouts as some arrows hit the death eaters.

I was confused as to why the ice disintegrated the monsters as it wasn't one of the specific metros, it was supposed to be the signal for the archers. I'll worry about it later though.

The archers got the idea and started firing the smoke arrows simultaneously to the stunning grenades.

Part one of the plan worked. Next I ran into battle along side the fighters with knives.

One by one, each monster fell, but too many people had left the field either injured or unable to fight.

I had riptide in my right hand and my wand in the left. I had come to one of the masked death eaters.

I deflected the infamous green curse and sent a nasty - but legal- one myself. I slashed at the mans ankles with riptide and watched him fall to the floor unable to fight. I took his wand and carried on fighting.

I stunned a death eater the same time I beheaded a Canadian giant.

I continued like this for a little under an hour until I
I ran to the trees to check on the young archers. They were doing fine. Safe.

I was quickly helping Chloe refill her arrows when I heard a scream. It was a scream of tortured agony. And I knew the voice.


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