Hogwarts 3

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By the time the house came into view it was 7:15. I ran at top speed after I killed Kelli but got stopped again by a massive hell hound.
I opened the door waiting for my ear to be chewed off by someone but to my surprise I was engulfed in a hug from Mrs Weasley. "Your late, we thought something happened! What happened to your shirt!" She almost yelled at me. She pushed me towards the kitchen where everyone was.
"Sorry! I went on a run and didn't realise the time" It wasn't a whole lie. I look around at their faces. They all showed worry - well Harry's didn't. What did I do to him anyway? I decided to tell them. I made eye contact with everyone in the order to let them know what was coming.
"Okay guys, I'm going to tell you about my self and I'll answer your questions but I'm only doing this once so sit down. The order already know who I am but it you want to know my titles and make yourselves comfortable." Then I paused. "Shoot" I said and then questions were fired at me. "Okay one at a time" it was Ron who asked the first question.
"What did you mean by killing a guy named Phineas? Are you a murderer?" He asked timidly. What do I say? I have killed monsters and demigods. But the demigods chose the monsters side, I had to fight to protect my home during the battle of Manhattan.
"I have killed" I answered simply. Then Harry let out a triumphant cheer.

"I knew it! He's a death eater! He's killed and has got the tattoo on his arm" I remember from the folder that Death eaters have the dark mark. I rolled up my sleeve on my tight running shirt. I didn't know what tattoo he was talking about so I decided to use the mist to hide my scars and I peeled of my top to show off every tattoo. "Which ones the dark mark?" I ask him curious. He pointed to my forearm and I turned it so he got a good view.
"This is my legion tattoo" I said simply. It clearly wasn't the dark mark because his face fell. How was I meant to explain this? It was easier I'm forks because I had Artemis to help me explain. I'm alone right now.

"Ever heard of Greek mythology?" I asked

An hour later I was almost finished.
"I'm Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, god of the seas, earth shaker and creator of horses; champion of Hestia; blessed by every Olympian; retriever of the lightning bolt, the helm of darkness and the Golden Fleece; bearer of the Titans curse; survivor of Tartarus; bane of the titans and giants; Two Time Saviour of Olympus and person hero to the Olympians"
I finished. I had just told them about my quests but I just summed it up.

They looked at me each with a different face. The teens looked shocked. Hermione was processing everything while Harry trying to prove I was luring. Ron passed out a while ago.
The order didn't look as surprised, but in awe of my accomplishments. I'm glad they appreciate it. No one at camp did. I hadn't told them that part; why I left. That was too personal for me to share with these people. Then I brake the silence.
"Have you got your books yet? I need to get mine" they seemed more at ease because I was acting so causal but that confused them also. Why wasn't I boasting? Why was I acting like it was no big deal? It was all hard but it wasn't a big deal. I protected the people I loved and that's nothing special, everyone should do that.
"Yes, we are planning of going shopping this afternoon." Mrs Weasley  said. I nodded and excused my self to change.

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