Hogwarts 17

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After lunch, Artemis helped me with showing the class of 7th years how to avoid spells. It went much the same as the last lesson but we tort then how having a partner would be an advantage. We went around the group helping people complete the levels on my little game. Most people completed level one but Ginny exceeded that and completed level 3. She blushed when I praised her and that earned her a glare from Artemis.

Class with 8th year was more entertaining. I had Slytherin and Gryffindor. Artemis, Nico and Phoebe stood at the back, watching me work my magic.

"Okay class, now that you know who I am, teaching is going to be a bit easier. As you saw in the great hall, the death eaters have enlisted Greek and Roman monsters to fight against you, they thought that they would completely wipe you out because you couldn't defend your self against them. That is going to change." I said and lent on the front of my desk.
"Today, I'm going to start assigning you weapons." I opened the walk-in-wardrobe-like cupboard and let the class see all the weapons that Ares had stocked. They looked around exited.
"In here, I have swords and dual swords; bows and arrows; spears and throwing knives. I'll tell you what coach to stand with." I walked around the room assessing everyone's stances and body structure.
I put the more lean and quick looking boys with me for sword fighting and the girls with Artemis for knife combat and throwing. I wasn't being sexist, I knew Artemis wouldn't want to train rude, arrogant boys. I kinda didn't want any boys near her either.
The less bulky, elegant fighters went to thalia for archery. I also sent the muscled fighters to her for spear throwing.
I sent the ones that didn't look like fighter with Nico to learn strategy.

I pulled out a rack of swords and waited patiently for my group to have chosen a balanced one. The first thing I did, was teach them how to hold it properly. Harry was being a pain, he thought he knew best and  kept trying to call me out by comparing me to movies he had watched that had sword fighting in. I decided to try a game I played when with the newer campers when I was attempting to bring out their natural demigod instincts.

"Okay Harry, because you seem to know SO much about sword fighting, why don't we play a game?" He accepted and I explained the rules.
He would try and attack me and I would play defence. I would slash at each of his weak points and call them out to him as I hit him. I would wrap thick sting round riptide so it wouldn't cut him - it might leave a bruise though. Harry seemed way too confident. He is going of what he has seen in tv shows, he has only been trained how to hold a sword - he can't even do that properly yet - and he doesn't even have Demi god instincts.

He got into a dodgy stance and I got into mine. He ran straight for me and swung at me head, leaving his sides open. "Sides!" I warned him. I dropped to the floor to dodge his attack and rolled up to hit his left side. I was sure not to injure his sword arm because I wanted this to last longer - also we can't afford him missing lessons with a dislocated shoulder.
We carried on like that for about another 2 minutes. In that time, I had managed to get to his sides, head, chest, arms and neck. After I had hit him for the 3rd time on his left side, I disarmed him. 
"Sorry Harry" I said not really meaning it. I wasn't usually like this but he was making my job harder and he was being a pain. I was still honourable and stuck my hand out for him to shake but he walked away, pounding into my shoulder slightly.
I turned to the rest of the class, who had stopped to watch our little game. I wasn't sure what they were thinking. Did they think I was cruel to pound into Harry? Or did they think Harry had to be put in his place. It seemed to be the latter because everyone looked quite relieved to see him silently sulking.

I told my group to practice the foot work sequence I had tort them without a sword and walked over to check the other groups. "Hey. How's your group going?" I asked Artemis. She looked up at me and smiled while lowering her knives.
"Alright. I've been trying to teach them
about footwork but they keep tripping up." She whined in my ear.
"Okay. Calm down, you knew this would be hard. I'm going to go talk to the other groups but I've got an idea." I said trying to sooth her slightly. I wanted to give her a hug but I knew that would be a bad idea in front of everyone. She nodded at me and turned back to her group while I walked towards Thalia.
"How are they?" I asked thalia slowly as I watched them hold the bow upside down in a dodgy stance
"They are getting there." She said huffing slightly at the sight of a Slytherin waving his spear around dangerously.
"Don't worry I've got an idea that will help them and also make this more fun for us" I assured her. "I've got talk to Nico first" I said walking away.
"Well Nico? Do the students have any brains?"  I joked.
"They're starting to understand the whole magic and Godly monster difference." He said. "I tried to give them maps of a battlefield and a situation to see what they would do but each plan ends with everyone killed" he told me with no emotion.
"I've got an idea to make this more fun. We can test their strategy another day. For now, keep teaching them what they need to know if a battle was to happen at Hogwarts." I walked back to my group, planning to pitch my ideas to Dumbledore at dinner

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