Not an update

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Hi, it's Blake again!

Long storey short, Eliana has both food poisoning and a small case of sunstroke so she's not updating anytime soon. 💔

Klutzy Wanted me to type this because looking at her screen makes her headache worse 💔

also she needs help with ideas for linking Merlin into the story. Ellie doesn't know what season of merlin to be in.
Do we want that character who dies at the end (name ends in r) alive? Sorry don't want to spoil anything for anyone who is watching the story.

I would ask els what else she wants to ask but she's just fallen asleep again so I'm not going to wake her ⭐️

She's probs going to delete this next time she posts.

I'm quite bored so.... maybe I can get this to 150 Words? I only need 10 more words. 🤷‍♂️❤️

My name is Blake and Eliana loves me the most. 😏❤️

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