Hogwarts 14

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"What took so long?" My dad asked as soon as we walked back into the castle building. I didn't really know how to answer 'oh sorry! I was confessing my love to a maiden goddess' no I can't say that. It was Artemis that came to our rescue.
"He was at the bottom of the lake for ages. I waited for him to come up" she lied perfectly. I kept my face still so I wouldn't give away the lie and dad didn't suspect anything. Somehow he believed us.
"Okay. Everyone else flashes away, apart from Hestia, she wanted to talk to both of you. And the hunters are in Percy's private quarters."

I looked to Artemis and she seemed to be just as confused as I am. She shrugged her shoulders and led the way back to the great hall.
We found Hestia tending to the hearth she set up. As we got closer, the hearth grew higher and by the time we were in front of her, it was the highest I've ever seen it. Oh, and it was pink!

"You guys! How could you not tell me!" Hestia squealed and looked to each of us. She pulled us into a three person hug but I was really confused so I didn't hug back.
"Ugh? What are you talking about?" I asked rubbing the back of my neck confused. Artemis looked at each of us stunned.
"Hestia how did you know? And Percy how could you not know what she means?" She laughed the last part but she was serious about this. Artemis rolled her eyes when I shrugged my shoulders again "She knows about us" she said wiggling her finger between each of us. I felt my face turn into the OH emoji (😲) as realisation crossed my face.

I looked into her silver eyes and had a silent convocation it went something like this.
"What do we do?" I asked her
"We have to tell her" her eyes said.
"If that's what you want"

We both turned back to Hestia. "When I set up the hearth, noticed that pink flames licked up the top. That meant love but I didn't know who because there were so many people in the room. But when everyone left it didn't leave so it had to be a strong love but quite far away.  Then when you entered, the flames grew higher than I've seen them in a long time. The fire turned completely pink and that gave you away." Okay that made sense.

I glanced around nervously, no one could know of this. If they did, they'll probably stop me from seeing Artemis ever again. The fire was still pink but a pale blue licked up to the top. Hestia saw it to. "Okay no need to be nervous. I won't tell anyone." I let out the breath I'd been holding and I felt Artemis squeeze my hand and I looked down and carefully kissed the top of her head.

"We should probably go find your hunters. My room is going to be trashed." I chuckled nervously and Artemis laughed, confirming my thoughts.
I led her up to the west wing and through the door.
The hunters were everywhere. Some were at the snack bar; some were in the training ground and a couple were in my bed room. Artemis called for each of them and there was a chorus of Milady.
I noticed Thalia but she wouldn't look me in the eyes. When she looked up at me I raised my eyes brow and she nodded her head. That basically said 'are you okay?' And and she answered with a yes.
We had grouped in the training room, I sat on the push up bench and tried to stay away from the hunters business. I overheard that they are going to stay in Scotland for a while and then Artemis dismisses them.

Artemis came to sit near me but not close enough for the hunters to get suspicious.
"What's the plan?" I asked her. I didn't straight out that way if someone over heard, it would sound like I'm asking what the hunters are doing.
"Lay low for a while" she said. Only I would know that by saying this, she was telling me she needed time to find a loophole.
Then Thalia walks up to us. "Milady?" She asked taking Artemis' attention. "Could I talk to you in private please?" She stood up and followed Thalia up towards my bedroom. Artemis looked back at me and disappeared around the corner.

Hey guys. I posting this before I have to start setting up the concert. I'll post the second half tonight. I think I'll do artemis' POV next.

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