My house on olympus.

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As soon as I got back from the throne room last night, I crashed onto the comfortable bed. I hadn't slept this well since I was 12. Maybe it's because it's Apollo's temple?  Ugh. My heavenly sleep was interrupted by Apollo.
"Hey bro! Your temple is ready!" That got me awake. I don't even remember choosing the design. Properly noticing my confusion he added "Poseidon designed it. I'll meet you out front and show you around." Then he waved away and walked out the room.

I had a nice hot shower and threw on the clothes that flew out at me. Today it was black skinny jeans and I thin white top. I wasn't even hungry with a the excitement of my new home. On Olympus I might add. I practically skipped out to Apollo, barley hearing him chuckle at my antics. I was manly skipping all the way across Olympus. Past all the temples and then suddenly....
"Oh wow" both Apollo and I said at the same time. I guess he hadn't seen it yet.

The outside was a muted sea green with small smiler pearls incased in the brick. It was 2 stories high and the large double doors were oak wood painted silver. Along the bottom of the walls were animated waves moving. The walls depicted all my adventures with plank spaces for my future quests.
I glanced at Apollo's awe struck face and he gave me a curt nod and I practically run to the door.

I was greeted straight away into a pearl white room with Sofas and chairs, a large tv. Fish tanks lined the walls filled with exotic fish. I heard a chorus of Mirlords! And son of Poseidon! 
I chuckled inwardly. I walked through an arch leading into the kitchen. Woah! It was medium sized with marble countertops and a island in the middle. The fridge was stocked and I had the recipe for mums blue pancakes and cookies stuck to the fridge.
My bedroom was the best.
I had a water bed, walk-in wardrobe and a water bed. Then the intercom - I didn't know I had one - sounded
"Uh Percy? There's a meeting your wanted at!"
I jogged down to the front door sparing a glance at the paintings on the wall. Then Apollo flashed us to The Throne Room.

"I would like to start my congratulating Perseus I'm gaining us two new allies. The vampires and the shapeshifters." I blushed as Apollo and Hermes wolf whistled. Then the meeting continued on and on. And on. Then Zeus cleared his throat.
"Sorry what?" I asked innocently and they all chuckled.
"Percy, I asked if you were ready for another quest?" Hecate spoke up. Huh? I only got back last night but honestly I'm already board so I nodded my head.
"This quest - if you accept- will take longer and be more demanding. You might even have to fight in another war." That got my attention. If I go, I might be able to stop more deaths.
"Could I have more details?" Hecate looked to Zeus and he nodded his head allowing her to go on.
"Percy, the quest is set at a school, this school has just had a war against an mortal turned evil. They one but this evil character had collected a band of loyal followers. Most of their identities are secret but they are trying to get revenge. They've already attacked the school again and their were casualties." She went to continue but I stopped her. Someone was threatening a school?! That was enough for me to go.
"Milady, I accept the quest. I will not have someone terrorising school students." At that she looked down like she was hiding someone. Uh oh. I had already accepted no backing out now.

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