Hogwarts 15

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Artemis' PoV

"Milady? Can I talk to you in private please?" She asked glancing at Percy.
I stood up and followed her out the room.
I looked back at Percy, instantly missing the warmth radiating off of him. I felt his eyes, filled with the same longing, follow me out the room.

Thalia walked over to the window and pulled me over to look outside.
"Excellent view of the lake don't you think Milady?" She asked. I wasn't sure where she was going with this. She walked across the room and sat on Percy's bed and looked up at me.
"I know it is not my place to snoop, but I saw you and Percy at the lake earlier"
Oh no! Thalia knew. How could I tell her that she had to be a maiden if I was in love myself?
"Thalia..." I started but she cut me off
"Milady let me get this out first" she asked and I waved my hand allowing her to go on.

"Percy is the most loyal, humble, noble and honourable person I know. He is like my stupid little brother and he has had his heartbroken way too many times. His mortal family were killed; his best friends ran off to be with his brother; his girlfriend left him. His fatal flaw is dangerous, not only because he will go into a fight blindly to help his friends, but also because being betrayed cuts deep into him. Please Milady, I am in no position to ask anything from you but please don't hurt him. He does everything for anyone and never thinks of himself. I know how bad this situation is, but believe me, Percy will hunt the stars to find away in. Promise me you will not let him go!" She practically begged with tears in her eyes.

"Of course I would never leave him." I said as I pulled her into a sisterly hug. Percy needed something stable in his life. I did not want to loose him, he was too important to me.
When Percy was confessing everything to me, I couldn't help but respect him. He knew what I do to men when they tell me these things.                      *cough* antalope *cough*
I felt pride and honour when he told me the stories of me inspiring him to be a better person. Percy Jackson, the most honourable man you'll ever meet, the 2 time savour of Olympus, was in love with me. And had been for years. That thought made my heart quicken and my caused my mind to race.

We both knew the consequences, but I was unconditionally in love with him. Gods, I'm starting to sound like Aphrodite. I mentally rolled my eyes.

Thalia pulled back and told me she wouldn't tell anyone and that she was planning on helping us. She walked out the room after a small bow and left me sitting on Percy's bed with a far away look.
I wasn't paying attention to the things around me until I felt a strong arm wrap around my waist. I instantly recognised the salty scent and the warmth the followed around him. I lent back into his chest and his arms twisted in front of me. We stayed there happily.
"Artemis?" He asked from behind me. I looked up at him, waiting for the rest of the sentence. "What do you think I should do? I mean, the wizards are using Greek monsters now. I can't protect every student and be in a million places at once" He said. I could tell he was thinking of a way out of the situation.
"I think, you should train your students how to fight and kill monsters, as much as you can, and hopefully they can defend themselves. The more powerful monsters will come after you because they don't care about the puny people." I said thinking about it. "Then I would devise a battle plan worthy of athena. Maybe trap all the monsters in one room and then you can fight them. No matter what you choose to do, I know it would have everyone's interests at heart and we will win. Because we have you" I told him with total confidence.

Percy smiled down at me and then his eyes lit up, like they do when he has an idea. "Why don't you and the hunters stay with me here? Even with yours and Apollo's blessing, I'd rather big teach archery.  More people would be tort more it you helped and" his voice lowered slightly so only I could hear "I wouldn't have to miss you"
I pondered his idea for a while. I mean we could, the ancient laws say that I can't fight until I'm attacked so I could lead my hunters into battle and then when someone aims for me, I defend my self. It's a loophole. I look him in his pleading eyes and nodded in response
"Yeah, I think that will be a good idea" I told him and his face lit up even more.

I left Percy to sleep and helped my hunters set up camp in the woods, on the school grounds. I told them the plan to stay here and help with the war and they all agreed.
Things were starting to look up for me.

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