Hogwarts 27

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A few awkward questions followed the tickle fight I'm not going to lie. Once chloe was over her laughing fit, she turned to me with her big, curious 7 year old eyes.

"I had a nightmare so I came in here to see my big brother but I saw you hugging milady!"

She whispered in my ear innocently. I was over the moon when she called me her big brother but I'm pretty sure I turned an artistic shade of red.
She had seen me sharing a bed with her Maiden Patron.

"Umm?" Was my very intelligent answer. Why do I say 'ummm' a lot? Like why is it a sound people make when they don't know what to say? Wait? Why am I thinking about this?

I turned to Artemis for help. How much was I supposed to tell her?

She looked at me and cocked an eyebrow waiting to see my excuse.

"Lady Artemis had a nightmare as well." I glanced at Artemis to see her suppressing a laugh. I glared playfully at her. She just giggle and left, heading for the shower, leaving me to alone to answer all the questions of a curious 7 year old.

"Percy?"  Chloe asked me In a small voice. I looked into her eyes and they shone with - wait was that fear? I pulled her closer so she could snuggle deeper into my side.

"I'm scared" she told me. I looked into her glassy eyes and waited for her to continue.
"What if my sisters don't survive the war? What if you dont?" She sobbed into my shoulder.

"Chloe. Your sisters are Crazy Warrior Ladies. I think they will be fine" she giggle at that.

"never worry about me. I'm kinda known for finding my way around even the most impossible situations." She nodded then ran off my lap into the other huntresses' rooms. They had kinda taken resistance in my tower rather than in their tents in the woods.

I helped Chloe choose some shoes. She chose the black lace up shoes rather than the Velcro straps claiming she was a big girl now.

I was carefully braiding her hair when when Arty and Thalia came in running.

I knew instantly from their anxious, yet determined, faces it was time.

I sounded the alarm and teleported away to collect the rest of Camp Half-blood.


I stood at the front of the room. Everyone watching me expectantly.

I wasn't sure why I was trusted to lead. I know I'm 'The demigod of Olympus' or 'the Olympians champion' but don't they know my flaw? I can't let anyone die in this war. It would break me. It made me weak! Or Maybe that was why? I would do my best to limit the deaths? But would I win the war effectively? I need to stop thinking like the old percy. I need to be the tough warrior that I forced everyone to believe I was.

I closed my eyes and forced them to harden and mask my worry.

When they opened, they scanned the battle plans laid out in front of me. I had to pick which one would be the most effective... and all of them were wrong.

Plan 1 would leave the schools entrance from the lake open and the younger children would be on the front line. It wouldn't work.

Plan 2 put everyone on offence. The defence would be left too weak. Another fail.

Plan 3 meant all our healers were fighting. There would be no one left to help the injured.

Plan 4 was all wrong. The wizards and demigods were in separate groups. It defiantly needed to be a Mix. Demigods don't know how to block spells but can fight the monsters.

With that, I decided my own plan.

"I need the younger huntresses and archers in the trees. Put them away from the front line but close enough to hit their targets." I looked to Artemis for approval. I couldn't let her... our family get hurt.

"Everyone below 4th year needs to be in the room of requirement. They're not fighting" there were protests but I put my foot down. They didn't have the experience and I'm not risking it.

"After Everyone else is out the castle, start the protective charms. I'll help with that. No one is getting in or out the castle" it was safest. I couldn't be worrying about students running out the castle to fight. I couldn't have death-eaters going in and gaining intel either.

People wanted to protest but I set the room a harsh glare. I had everything thought out.

"The mermaids and Pig (the squid) will protect the black lake. The injured will go there."

I took a deep breath because, even though Dad granted me full access to my powers, this will be hard.

"I, Perseus Achilles jackson, son of Poseidon, God of the seas, allow everyone who has pledged their allegiance to me, to use the black lake for protection and have the ability to breath in its waters.
Any foe of Olympus will drown in its depths."

I had that head rushing feeling. The same pain from a brain freeze. I closed my eyes tight for a second. I felt Artemis' and Annabeth's eyes on me. They knew what I had done effected me, but I continued any way.

"I need the healers ready rescue the injured from the field." I looked to Will and madam Pomfrey. They nodded determined.

"On the field, I need the archers in the back. Wait for a signal from me. It will be some sort of arrow.
Spear throwers, your infront of the archers. Long distance attacks. Fight the monsters with shorter blades. Stay out of their weapon range.
Anyone fighting with a dagger or hunting knife, your in straight after the first volleys on arrows.
Swords run in straight after the knives, keep the enemy from the lake and castle."

I was running through, checking if I've forgotten anything. Realising I've completely forgotten magic and traps.

"What traps do we have?" I suddenly felt very unprepared.

"We have stink bombs; stunning grenades; we have already got trip wires In the woods ready."

"Good, throw the stunning grenades in with the smoke arrows to confuse their army."

I looked down at the table. Sitting there was Riptide as a pen and my wand.

"Never be alone. Make sure you are with a demigod and wizard at all times. You can protect eachother with your own strengths."

The brief carried on like this. I kept an eye on the army approaching. They were just the woods. Hopefully the traps inside would give us time.

I took a deep breath and started commanding my army.

"Under 14s go to the room of requirement with Professor sprout. She'll insure your all there!

Everyone fighting outside now or you'll be locked inside!"

Everyone ran out ready for the battle.

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