Lifes looking up

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I was never someone who wanted power or respect and I won't ever be. But I never wanted to be alone but that's what has happened.

I don't have many people to be loyal to anymore. My mum and Paul died in a fire. Annabeth left me for my half brother - Nathan- and the campers have forgotten me; Thalia is away with the hunt and Nico is with his father in the under world. I had never felt more alone. I've been doing my best to hide it but I miss being on quests and saving the world. It's what I've lived for.


I'm not going to sulk anymore. I'm leaving. I'm going to find a new purpose. I left my cabin with only Riptide in my pocket.

I wanted to run but I walked quickly up towards the boarder. I guess I was putting on a show because as I huffed past campers, I was given confused looks and I didn't realise until I reached the top that most of the camp had followed me to see what was going on.

That's when Nathan - the new leader - spoke up. "Where are you going my dear brother?" He asked.

This was his favourite thing to do. Act. When we were alone he would put me down and of course I ignored him. But he's 'concern' made the girls swoon. If I'm honest I didn't know where I was going. I needed to leave and find something worth living for. But I said the first place I knew subconsciously where I would go.

"Olympus" I told him. He and the rest of camp gave me questioning looks.

"Why did they summon you? I'm more powerful! Surely they would rather my help!?!' He said. What amazed me was that the campers agreed.

"Whatever I'm leaving" and with that I turned around and left.

~ at Olympus ~

When I had made it to Olympus I didn't really know what to do. So I wondered around. That wasn't something I usually did. I'm used to being rushed into the throne room. This is my first time actually admiring the scenery. It was amazing.

After my slow walk, I reach my destination. I staggered into the room and each God and Goddess greeted me with a smile. After fighting for them and leading 2 successful wars, I managed to earn their respect.

"Why are you here young hero?" Zeus asked.

"I have no where to go my lord! My family died in a fire! I don't feel like camp is home anymore! I'm 18 without a job because I'm busy saving the world and no one would hire me anyway! There is no safe way for me to live in the mortal world. I want somewhere to call home. I need a purpose." I ranted on and the gods nodded there heads.
I've been in enough meetings to know they are having a telepathic conversation.

I looked to my father. He looks worried about me. Zeus looked mildly concerned; Athena looked at me with pity, I'm guessing she heard about Annabeth; Apollo was smirking; Hermes was arguing with his snakes and the rest were kinda mutual. What surprised me was Lady Artemis's face. She looked confused but she looked at me softly.

If I'm honest I always liked lady Artemis. I liked how she was in charge. Someone who I didn't have to be strong for and help because she was independent. She was my second favourite goddess but don't tell her that she'll turn me into a jackolope.

After a while Zeus cleared his throat. "How would you like to stay on Olympus?"
I looked at him in awe. I, Percy Jackson lived on Olympus? Yeah no. They must get someone out of this.

"What's the catch?" I asked receiving some chuckles from the gods around the hearth.

"He knows you to well father." Apollo says suppressing a smile.

"If you lived on Olympus you will become our 'on call' Demi god. If we need a quest doing we will send you. I'm sure your more than capable of the challenge. Do you understand?"

I thought for a minute. I get to live on Olympus and go on quests? That's exactly what I had asked for. I will have a purpose. I stepped forward.

"I would like nothing more" I said. The faces around the room lit up. Oh gods. What did I get my self into?

"For now you will stay with Apollo until your accommodations are ready." I bowed to him before he flashed outside the room.

Usually the other deities took this as there que to leave big they stayed. Then Hestia stepped forward from the hearth.

"Percy, you are my favourite hero. You have never abandoned hope and always tried to make everyone feel safe. Percy I would like to give you my blessing." I cocked an eyebrow in disbelief. Hestia has no known champions. "You would carry the feeling of home and hope with you. You would be able to conjure up home cooked foods and summon fire. Do you accept my champion?" She asked.

I looked at her dazzled. She wanted me as her first champion. How could I say no. "Of course my lady" as soon as the words left my lips, her little 7 year old form hugged my torso and I started to glow when I hugged her back.

As she let go, I felt warmer and more at ease. I also noticed a little blue flame tattoo appear on my wrist. I looked at her with clear confusion.

"I should have known it would be blue! The purest, strongest fire. Percy your flame reflects you. you're pure and powerful." I couldn't help but blush
Thank you my lady." I said and bowed. She giggled and walked back to her hearth.

I turned and noticed the other gods and goddesses still here. They all seamed to want to follow Hestia's example.
The next to stop forward was my father.

"Percy, I'm so sorry! I really did love your mother." A slow tear streaked down his face and he pulled me into a hug that I returned.
"I want to give you your full water abilities. You would have total control over water and you won't tire out as much over using your powers." He said pulling away and leaving a heavy hand in my shoulder. "You can vapour travel and you can control even the sea of monsters. Only you can go to the sea of monsters as you have already trumped it." I looked into his sea green eyes that were so much like mine, swirling with emotion and I gave him a slight nod.
When he put his hand out he blasted me with water. I felt renewed like I always did with water but it was different. I could sense all the water on Olympus and hear all the naiads talking. I flashed my father my lopsided grin and he flashed one back creating a mirror image.
Then he turned to mist.

I looked at my arm. Under my trident legion was a new tattoo. It was his underwater palace. I love this tattoo. I love fathers palace so much.

When I turned I came face to face with Hermes. "Percy I never got to thank you for saving Luke" I looked at him incredulously. I had not saved Luke. He still died.

Hermes must have seen my face because he put a hand on my shoulder making me look into his eyes. "You saved his soul. He died a heroes death and he was reborn. He would have spent eternity in the fields of punishment if it weren't for you." I couldn't even talk.
Luke died a hero because he always was a hero but he got lured into the dark side. "I want to give you my blessing. You would be stealthy, you can travel across larger distances amongst other things too." I said thank you and checked out my new tattoo. It was a pair of flying shoes. I smiled reminiscing my first quest. The good days.

After hours of getting gifts I left with Apollo to his palace. When I found my room, I tore my top of to look at my new tattoos and the powers I got from them

Dads palace ~ water
Hestia's blue flame ~ fire and hope
Hermes shoes ~ stealth
Apollo's sun ~ healing
Artemis's bow ~ archery
Heras crown ~ family
Demeter's barley strand ~ animals
Hephaestus's hammer ~ crafting
Aphrodite's heart. ~ good looks
Athena's owl. ~ wisdom
Dionysus's grapes. ~ Imume to insanity

I don't want to speak to soon but life I looking up.

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