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Eliana got tagged! I'm her boyfriend, Blake, and she's letting me answer the questions for her! I'll probably lay this out wrong but Yk.

1) Her name is Eliana
she hates it when people call her Anna or Ellie but she kinda lets me now because she knows I won't stop. Anyone else tho, you'll get glared at. I also call her Klutzy because even though Eliana has freakish balance, she breaks everything she picks up. 😂

2) Eliana has dark hair. I've known her since I was 4 and I know for a fact that the highlights in her hair are 100% natural. It's long and ends in little ringlets which she hates. Something about them being hard to braid or something but it's my new favourite thing to play with her hair. ⭐️

3) Her eyes are her my favourite thing to look at. Around the pupils, they're a dusty brown and then it blends into a murky green and finally a vibrant blue.
Wait lemme see if I can find something like them online.

I actually think this is her eye

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I actually think this is her eye. It's even got the coppery flecks in them! Eliana has more eyelashes tho ❤️

3) I'm literally looking on Eliana's bookcase rn and I don't know which is her favourite book. The last book she read was with the boy with only one eye? I think it's called Wonder.

4) the last song she listened to was 'Breakeven' by the Script. Her side of the year have to dance to that while my side have to dance to 'Happier' Ed Sheeran. The project is to show emotion through dance. I'm not happy she has to dance with another boy tho 😕 I trust Ellie just just wish we were in the same classes so we get to work together on things like this.

5) OTP? I had to google what that meant. I think hers is us 😘
Jk I think it's Percabeth. Yh that's right I even know their 'ship name'.

6) Black panthers. Always has been her favourite since we watched 'The jungle Book' when we were 9.

7) I don't know what her favourite smell is. I know she likes the smell of my bedding and shirts but her favourite candle scent is Plum and sweet vanilla.

8) favourite song? Eli has 959 songs on her ITunes. I don't think these are her all time favourite songs but she's been listening to Shawn Mendes' new songs on repeat all week.
I know she likes Eminem and Ed Sheeran and Calvin  Harris, post Malone, Drake, any of their music really. Mostly she likes songs with meanings not all about twerking at parties.

9) Even Ellie doesn't know what she wants to be when she's older, but I know it won't be in an office all day. She has to be out doing something being creative. I mean Eliana does modelling, singing, dancing and a whole range of sports so I think she has quite the selection of exciting career choices.

10) her favourite colour is green. Pretty much everything in her room is green. She wouldn't ever wear anything green unless it's khaki green.

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