Hogwarts 23

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Jason jumped off tempest and waved him away. He made his way through the crowd of demigods and stood in front of me.
We preformed our classic man-hug and then we went back to being formal in front of everyone.
I raised my voice so the whole castle can hear but aimed my words to the campers.
"From now on, Jason will lead you." I said. I saw the wizards look confused and the campers looked relieved but their was a few that looked amused. What? She is leading how Kronos would. Why should I let her lead? Nathan is just as bad. I barely had time to think my thought before the two former leaders started protesting.

"WHAT! Who put you in charge of me?" Nathan yelled
"Percy! Are you doing this because I broke up with you?" Annabeth screamed. My jaw clenched and I felt my eyes darken. The whole hall fell silent watching this. I'm guessing they weren't expecting that news. She pulled her dagger out and on me. And he threw it, aiming between my eyes. Everyone watched it fly through the air, no one moving and no one saying anything. Only watching the dagger fly towards me. Reality dawned on me. I quickly stuck my hand out and produced fire and burned the blade. All that was left was a pile of charred bone on the floor.
I felt a pang of regret. It was her drakon bone dagger - the one Damasen gave her.
Annabeth fell to her knees and run her hand through the ashes. She looked up at me with broken eyes.
" YOU KNEW WHO GAVE ME THAT!" She screamed at me. "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!" She continued.
That was it. I broke. I had to let it all out, everything I'd wanted to say since she broke up with me. She pulled her sword out and started swinging at me. I didn't want to hurt her. I only defended my self.

" Annabeth? What happened to you? You used to lead with compassion and you cared about every one of you soldiers and comrades." I said calmly, deflecting a strike.

"Your eyes used to shine with joy and determination. You wouldn't let anyone get in your way!" I said blocking another angry swing from her sword.

"You used to dream of building something to last a thousand years. You would always talk about having a big, loving family" I reminded her. I noticed her attacks getting sloppier.

"You used to wear your camp necklace" I said. Noticing that she wasn't wearing it. "We used to fight side by side. When I first met you, I trusted you to watch my back. Then you became my best friend. When you went missing, I wouldn't take no for an answer when I asked to go looking for you. Then in Mount St Helens, I let you escape and risked my life to save yours. You kissed me. You stole my first kiss. I ended up causing an earthquake and blew up the mountain. I landed on Calypso's island. I left. At the time I told my self it wasn't fair to let someone else deal with my prophecy but I knew I couldn't stay with Calypso because I was falling in love with you! Then in the first war. I bathed in the River Styx. I never told you but you were my anchor, you were the memory the tied me to life.
During the war, you took a dagger for me. You didn't know that the dagger was aimed at my Achilles spot but you said you had 'a bad feeling' and jumped in front of it. At that point, I wouldn't let anyone touch you. I stood over your dying body and fought off every monster. When the army was called back, I carried you and healed you. We were there for each other when we lost some of our closest friends! Then we had gotten together - like officially. It was 2 months before the second great prophecy began to pass.
I had my memory wiped but I couldn't forget you! Do you want to know why?
You weren't in my head Annabeth, you were in my heart. You couldn't be pulled from it. Leaving you to go on your quest in Rome was so hard. I didn't like either of us going on quests without the other but you hand to. When we found you, and we were on the edge to there, my only thought was not letting you go.
We survived that together! Annabeth! You just asked me why I burnt your dagger. Do you think I wanted to? After years of fighting together, you throw your knife - his knife- at me, trying to land a fatal blow? What would he think of that? He died so we could get out and you throw the thing that he gave you to protect both us, to try and kill Me?" I asked her. It sounded ridiculous. By now, I had disarmed Annabeth and she was sitting in the floor crying.

"What happened to that annabeth? To my annabeth? The one I loved?" I asked, kneeling down next to her waiting for an answer. "I just want my best friend back" I whispered. She stood up and said shakily.

"Percy, I'm so so so sorry. I don't know what got into me. I want my best friend back." She said throwing her arms around my neck. "Percy, I don't want you to be my boyfriend, I don't deserve you but will still be my best friend?" She asked me as her tears stained my shirt.
"Wise girl, you were always my best friend, but I love someone else" I said to her before I could stop my self. She pulled out the hug and looked at me. She didn't look sad, she looked exited.
She wanted to know who.
I glanced to Artemis who held an emotionless expression, then looked to the floor. Had I upset her? I basically just told the whole school mine and Annabeth's love story. Annabeth shook her head and shook Jason's hand, happily stepping down.

Nathan was another storey. "No! I would not be led by a Roman!" He yelled out.
"Fine. You guys can battle it out 2 v 2. Choose a team mate, you and one other vs Jason and I. I cockily agreed and we decided to meet him out at the quidditch pitch at breakfast. Then he stormed away.

How can I put him in his place, while keeping him on our side? Would he go to the other side? No. He pledged himself to Olympus and me before coming here. If he did, he would suffer a fate worse than death. Breaking an oath on the Styx is very bad.

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't update yesterday. I don't really have an excuse. Sorry. I guess I was tired. Anyway! I was reading. A story when this came up! It's my story!

My heart stopped when I saw this! I don't know why but it really exited me.
Anyway. Leave ideas for the duel between Jason percy and Nathan. Who do you think the extra player would be?

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