Chapter 3:

. . .Thouqht I'd Make Thiss One Super Lonqq(:

---Later that Niqht---

Rachel's Pov

It's 11:00. Mom's already sleeping. Camron's in bed with her. Geez,I hope they're just sleeping. Eww. I shake the thoughts and mental pictures out of my head. Amy stayed over too. But she's sleeping in my room. Their parents died along time ago. So Camron takes care of Amy. Yeah in a couple of days she's gonna be my new auntie. Ain't it cute? -I was being sarcastic:P Dammit,I'm just so freakin' bored. Times like this cause for a late night swim(: I change into a purple bikini and grab a towel out of the hallway closet. iLovee this bikini. Hell,iLovee all bikinis. iLovee showing my tattoos. I havee one on my ankle,which is a butterfly and has the word ''Freedom'' on it. I have another tattoo on my side,it's a black panther. It looks cool(: && I havee one on my neck,its a small heart<3. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. iHave highself esteem. iLovee myself. My mother calls it,''Conceited.'' I know,big word right? My belly-button diamond ring was shining in the dark. Sparkly(: I walked out the front door and then I heard someone wolf whistel. I turned in the direction I heard it come from and saw Danny sitting on the front of his porch step. He smirked and gave me a wave.''Hey..''I said akwardly. ''Going for a swim?'' He asked undressing me with his eyes. ''Yeah..wanna join me?'' I asked politley. He smiled a big smile,which made my heart skip a beat. He got off the porch and jumped over the little white fence. He could have easily opened it. But yeah,he kinda looked cool hopping the fence like that. I eyed his black muscle shirt and jeans that hung off his waist,damn he looked so sexy! ''Checking me out? Do you like what you see?''He said seductively. I rolled my eyes,''Aren't you gonna change?'' I asked him. He shrugged,''I don't need too.'' Whatever,pretty boy. We walked to the back of the house and to the pool. I laid my towel on the lawn chair next to the pool. Making sure I bent over,so he could get a good look at my butt<3. I turned around and he was in a trance,I laughed seductively and raised an eyebrown,''Checking me out? Do you like what you see?'' Danny's mouth hung open. I closed it with the tip of my index finger. ''Hell yeah..''I heard him whisper. I slid in the pool,taking in the cold water. ''Get in!'' I hollered at him. He pulled off his muscle shirt and tossed it on the lawn chair,flashing a set of hard-rock abes. And then he unbuckled his belt and slid off his jeans. He was in his boxers and then he dove in the water. Danny came back up to the surface with his teeth chattering,''Fuck! You coulda told me it friggin' freezin'! I think my dicks gonna fall off from the cold.'' I laughed at him. ''Aww poor boy..'' I mocked him. He smirked,''Warm me up,Rach.'' I rolled my eyes,''Not on ur life.'' He pouted,and he looked so cute it made me laugh<3 ''I like your laugh.'' Danny said looking into my eyes. Something told me that was true. And he wasn't lying to me. He swam closer to me. I moved a little closer to him. I looked into his brown eyes. Ok,so maybe I do kinda-sorta like him(:

''You have pretty eyes..'' I blurted out. I immediatly regretted it. I blushed at what I said. He chuckled,''No you have pretty eyes.'' I blushed even more. I felt his finger touch my cheek. ''You look cute when you do that.'' Aww<33 ''You're probably gonna think I'm lame for asking this,but do you believe in love at first sight?'' He asked me. He seemed serious. ''Noo.'' Was all I said. ''You don't?'' He asked me shocked and looking kinda disappointed. ''Nope.'' I said shaking my head. ''Do you?'' I asked him when he didn't say anything. He still didn't say anything. ''Danny?'' I said. He was quiet for a couple of more moments and then he said,''If I tell you,you're just gonna think I'm trying to play you or something. The truth:I like you. More than like you actually.'' So what? He loves me? Yeah right. He doesn't even know me. ''What are trying to say?'' I asked him. He grabbed me by the waist and then his lips came crashing down on mine. I thought about resisisting at first,but damn he was a good kisser(: I felt his tongue gently touch mine. My hand were tangle up in his dark,brown,wet hair. This kiss..I've never felt anything like it. It's so..I can't explain it. His sends this feeling down to my stomach and it makes me crave for his touch even more. He had to break the kiss off. When we pulled away,we were both breathing hard. Danny looked at me and smiled,''What I'm trying to say is..I think I love you.'' What the hell? Is he telling the truth? Or is he playing me? I bet he just loves my body. ''I know what you're thinking. That I'm just saying that to fuck you.'' Wow,he's good. ''But I'm not. I'm in lovee with you,Rachel. Yeah,I just met you today. But you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I lovee everything about you. iLovee your laugh,your beautiful green eyes,even that look you get when iAnnoy the hell out of you. You don't have to believe me. But it's true. I'm crazy about you.'' Is he serious?

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