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Chapter 6:

The door flew open and slammed against the wall. There was a loud bang that came with it. I screamed and Danny fell off the bed. Mommy Dearest walked in the room with a big smile on her face,''Come on! Everyone's already in the limo waiting for you guys!'' And then she left. God,did she have to do that? Completely unneccessary[another big word]. I heard Danny curse under his breath. I groaned and got out of bed and took a look in the mirror. ''I look horrible!'' I whined. Danny grabbed his one suitcase and 3 of my suitcases,''You look beatiful,babe'' He didn't even look at me! I grabbed the rest of my stuff and followed him to the limo. The limo dude was standing by trunk,''I'll take that,kids.'' Danny handed him the suitcases and so did I,''Thanks Limo Dude.'' We climbed into the limo. All my family was in here. ''Rachel!'' My Grandma shreiked. I skreiked with her,I haven't seen her in forever. I hugged her and told her I loved her. And then I did the same with Grandpa. They were my mom's grandparents. ''This is Danny.'' I told them introducing him. ''Hello.'' Danny said. Aww he's shy. ''It's nice to meet you,son.'' Grandpa said as they shook hands. Grandma on the other hand,gave him a big hug,''I take it this boy is very special to you,Rach.'' I laughed and said,''Yeah Grandma,he is.'' Danny caught my eye and smiled. We crawled around toward the back and I saw my mom. ''Hey mom.'' She looked at me weirdly,''Hey Kiddo.Why ya crawlin' around?'' I shrugged,''Just sayin' Hi to everybody.'' She nodded like she understood. Camron wasn't with her. He and his family took their own limo because we both had big familys.All the girls from the salon shop were sitting next to her. They greeted me and I greeted them back. We crawled more.And then I heard another shreik,''Rachel!'' I froze. This shreik was to fake. I slowly turned my head,''Erika. . .'' My voice trailed off. ''Come here! Sit by me!" Erika was my cousin. We hate each other. She's a bitch. But hello,I'm THE bitch. ''Geez,I would lovee too. But I got make ammends,'' She looked at me and I knew she didn't know what that meant. ''Uhh. . Okay!" Air-Head. We crawled around some more,''Who was that?'' Danny asked me. ''My cousin,Erika.'' He just nodded. I knew he knew I didn't like her. So he didn't ask anything else about her. It's funny how well he knows me.

''Well Hello,Stranger.'' I smiled because I recgonizing that voice. ''Long time no see,Katie Lou.'' Katie was my best friend/cousin. iLovee her to death! Lou isn't even her middle name,I've just been calling her that since we were little kids. ''Come here!'' She commanded. I did as she said,Danny followed me. I hugged her as soon as I reached her. ''Who's this?'' She asked looking at Danny. ''This is my boyfriend,Danny.'' She wagged her eyebrows at me and hit her arm. ''Hi I'm Katie,you must be pretty special to Rach if she's showin' you off to everybody.'' I laughed and layed my head on his shoulder,''He is special. . .Ed.''I coughed out the last part. He poked my ribs and I squealed,getting some looks from other family members. ''Grandma Elli!'' My mom's mom. I ran to her,eh crawled. ''Now this pretty girl can't be that same freckly face kid that used to come visit her Grandma every now and then. . ''Her voice trailed off. I felt kinda guilty cause I haven't been by to visit her in a couple of years. She must have sensed it because she smiled and gave me a big hug. ''I've missed you,Cinderelli.'' She's always called me Cinderelli since I was a little girl. I was everyone's princess [I'm loveable],and I was Grandma's only grandkid that she had a nickname for,I'm special. ''I've missed you too,Grandma.'' I introduced her to Danny. Grandma gave him a big hug,too. ''I gotta feelin' you'll be around for a while.'' Grandma told him with a wink. I laughed and she whispered in my ear,''Don't mess this up,he's cute. He's got money,don't he?'' I nodded. ''I knew it. You love em,don't you?'' I nodded again. ''He's a keeper.'' I laughed. ''I know.'' I told her I'd see her later and we walked..erm crawled to the back of the limo. All this being friendly was tiring. Danny sat on the soft seat and I fell next to him. I laid my head on his lap,''Tired?'' He asked me. ''Mhm.'' He chuckled softly and kissed my forehead. I layed there looking up into his light,brown,beautiful eyes while we talked about everything there is to talk about.

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