Chapter 3:

----Rachel's Pov----

[One Week Later]

I'm happy for my mother,I really am. But man all this talking about the wedding is driving me crazy. I woke up this afternoon with a hangover and mom and the girls from the salon were over the house,gabbing away. My head hurts like hell,I stepped outside the house. Why did it have to be my mom? Why did it have to be my boyfriend? I don't know how to act around Camron anymore. I don't know what to say to him,and neither does he. So we just don't speak to one another. I sat on the porch in front of the house,with my face in my hands. I heard my mom and the girls laughing loud. Dammit,do they have to be so loud?

Lastnight,she told me Camron and Amy are gonna move in with us. Well,I guess I kinda knew that already. But it's always just been me and my mom living together. We're acustomed to one another. It's not that I mind them living here or anything. I love Amy and I'll just have to deal with Camron. I can accept him into the family. I guess the only problem is...everything's changing. I've always hated change. It sucks. It means nothing is ever gonna be the same again.

I heard the door open behind me. I turned to look,the girls and my mom were walking out,''Well Kate,we'll be by later to work out the details.'' Melinda said as she and Lorie and Janet walked past me,saying hey to me. Mom nodded and they left. She took a seat down next to me,''Hey kid. What's up?'' She asked me. I grunted. She laughed,''I see. Late night partying?'' I nodded,which made my head spin. My mom was cool. She knew she couldn't tell me what to do,so she just let me live my life the way I wanted to. ''So you're still cool with everything,right?'' She asked me for the 50th time. I grinned,''Yes,mom. Just chillout. Everything's gonna be fine. You nervous?'' She gave me a shy smile,''A little bit. Oh I forgot to tell you,you're awards came in the mail this mornining.'' I just nodded. I didn't wanna go back to school to get my awards. School was out,I had already got my stuff from the dorm. ''I can't believe it. Everything's changing. You're all grown up. I'm getting married.'' Tear formed her eyes. I shoved her playfully,''Cry baby cry.'' She laughed and told me to shut up.

''Hey,looks like we got a new neighbor.'' Mom said as she turned her attention to the house next to ours. There was a young woman and and young guy,who was really hot. He had dark brown hair and the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen. A bunch of other guys were loading the boxes from the U-Haul and carrying them in the house.''Hmm..wanna go meet them?'' I asked. Mom got all excited,''Let's go!'' We got off the porch and walked to next door,through the little white gate that connected their yard with ours. Mom walked over to young blonde lady,''Hi! I'm Kate Matthews,I live next door. We saw you guys moving in,and we thought we'd come by to welcome you to the neighborhood.'' My mom said nicely. The young blonde lady smiled,''Thanks,Kate. I'm Marie Lexington and this is my brother Danny. We just moved here from Kansas.'' She explained.

''It's nice to meet you both. This is my daughter,Rachel.'' They all turned their attention on me,''Hi.'' I said shyly. I noticed the hot guy checking me out. I looked like crap. My hair was a mess,no make up,and I was wearing yellow booty shorts,with a purple tube top. ''So do you guy need any help moving in?'' My mom asked them. ''We'd love some!'' Marie said. We grabbed some boxes and followed them into the house,''Um Rachel those boxes go in Danny's room.'' Marie explained. ''Okay.'' I said and then I turned to Danny,''Where's your room at?'' I asked him. He smiled the cutest smile I have ever seen in my life,''Follow me.'' I nodded and followed him down the hallway to a white room with white walls. I sat the boxes down in the corner. Danny looked around,''It looks to..boring. I'm thinking about painting it black.'' He said. ''If you need any help painting,I'm next door.'' I said with a smile. He turned his gaze to me. ''Stop looking at me like that,'' I said while giggling. He laughed,''Why?" I rolled my eyes,''Because you're making me nervous. I don't even look good today.'' He laughed a deep,seductive laugh as he got so close to me we were face to face and I could smell his cologne,''You look beautiful.'' He said in my ear. Is this what he does? Hit on random strangers? We have something in common. ''Is that right?''I purred in my sexy voice. He seemed suprised that I was intimidated by him. He must be a player and have girls fall to the knees for him. Not this girl,hun. ''So are there any more hot girls in this neighborhood that have asses like yours?'' Jerk. ''I wouldn't know. I don't judge chicks.'' He laughed,''What a shame. That would make you so much hotter.'' He still close to me I put my hand on his chiseled chest and pushed him back.

''We should go get more boxes.'' He said collecting himself. I laughed silently to myself,''Yes,yes we should.''I said as I followed him back outside. I grabbed some more boxes and Marie told me to take them to the kitchen. Mom followed me,''So how do you like the new neighbors?'' She asked me. ''They seem nice.'' I said. She wagged her eyebrows,''What about the hunk?'' I rolled my eyes. ''Not my type.'' Something about him,just annoys the hell out of me. Mom laughed,''Since when do you have a ''type''? Dude is your type!'' I laughed,''True. But No.'' She sighed,''Why not?'' I shrugged. ''Come on,you need a guy. You need to know what it's like to fall in love.'' Where is this even coming from? ''Mother,I barley know the guy. Let alone,love him.'' I said sharply.

But she wouldn't give up,''All I'm saying is give him a chance. Or it doesn't even have to be him. You know what,let's make a bet.'' I arched my eyebrow. I loved bets. ''What kinda bet?'' I asked cautionly. ''2 week shopping spree,no limit says you can't last a long-term relationship.'' I gasped. No freakin' fair. ''Define long-term.'' No limits(: ''3 Months.'' Too freakin' long. ''Deal.'' We shook hands. ''Now come on,let's go get more boxes.''

----------One Hour Later-------------

We finished unpacking all of the boxes and Marie said she was gonna rest so we decieded to come back to the house. ''I invited our new neightbors to the wedding.'' Mom said happily. ''I still can't believe we're flying to Hawii for your wedding.'' I said in awe. Mom sighed like she couldn't believe it either. ''I know. Thank god,we're rich people. We have to fly all the guest to Hawii and we booked a hotel on the beach. 5 star,of course.'' I just nodded. It's a dream come true. ''And this will give you time to work on that bet we made.'' Wow she knows how to crush a dream. Dream Crusher:P

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