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Chapter 11:

Mom and I went on and on about the wedding. I was so excited. Danny on the other hand,sat in the chair next to me. His head was tilted back,and I saw a small ounce of drool slip down his chin. ''Danny!'' I yelled. His head bounced back up,''Huh?'' I sighed. ''Wake up!'' I yelled annoyed. ''I am!'' He yelled back. ''This is just boring. Isn't this something you and your mom should do together?'' He was just trying to get out of it. ''No,it's something WE should do together.'' Mom cleared her throat,''Along with my mom.'' I added. Danny sighed and wiped his chin. I let out a small giggle. He smiled and told me to shut up. ''Okay so we picked a place.It's somewhere my mom used to take me when I was a kid. It's close to an ocean.'' The place was beautiful. ''It's in front of an old church. But we're gonna set an alter up outside. Rach wants an outside wedding.''Mom showed Danny a photo of the place. ''It's great,I love it. Let's go with that one.'' He said with no emotion. ''Yes,now while you were sleeping I've already ordered my wedding dress online. When the sun comes up,you and Camron will go fix a tux.'' I said it all very slowly making him listen. Danny pouted,''Why can't I just order one online?'' I smirked,''Because you fell asleep.'' Mom handed Danny a sheet of paper and a pen,''Write down the people you're gonna invite.'' She told him. He let out a big dramatic sigh and started writing. Me and mom smiled at each other. We walked outside,it was dusk. ''He's just like a little kid.'' I said with a smile. Mom glanced at me,''About that,Rach,-'' I cut her off,''Yes mom. I do want kids.'' She smiled but it was phony,''Have you talked to Danny about this yet?'' I shook my head no,''I thought I'd bring it up later.'' Mom just nodded. I hit my hip with hers,''What's wrong,mom?'' Mom just shook her head,''Nothing. It's just. . .you're all grown up. You're getting marriad. You're thinking about kids. Hell,I'm 33. You're gonna make a grandma at 33?'' I laughed and hugged her. I didn't say anything,because I didn't know what to say.We walked back in the kitchen,and Danny's head was laying on the table. Mom and I both giggled quietly. Mom grabbed his hair at the back of his head,lifting his head up,grabbing the piece of paper,and letting his head fall back on the table. She held up the blank sheet of paper to show me. I sighed and shook Danny's shoulder. ''Danny,wake up!'' I shook him til he finally woke up. I grabbed his hand and guided him to my room. He fell on the bed,his head hitting the headboard. ''Love you,Rach.'' I heard him mumble. I giggled,''I love you too,Danny.'' I said as I layed next to him. Mom came in,''You goin' to sleep?'' I nodded. She nodded back,''Night.'' I snuggled next to Danny's large,warm body and soon found myself drifting into sleep. This wedding was starting to tire me.


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