Chapter 10:

I walked into the house,where the hell is everybody? I walked in the kitchen and tripped over something. I fell to the marble floor which was covered in blood. And then I saw her. I screamed and it ended in a sob. ''Mom!'' I crawled to her and pulled her head into my lap. Her body was covered in blood. Her beautiful face,pale and her soft skin was cold and stiff. I cried and sobbed as I rocked her back and forth.''Help! Somebody please help me!'' I cried. Where the hell was Camron? Why didn't he protect her? I ran to Amy's room. The door looked like it had been kicked in. Her white bed and white sheets were covered in blood. I fell to the ground,covering my mouth as I saw her bloody body lying on the floor. ''Amy!" I screeched. What the hell is happening? I tried to get up,but my legs wouldn't work. I found strength and crawled down the hallway. My hand felt something sticky. I looked down and it was blood. Camron's blood. His body had stab wounds and his chest was covered in blood. The whole house was a fucking bloodshed. My heart stopped as I saw him. He was lying on my floor. I screamed with everything I had. Tear poured from my eyes,my heart,and my soul as I cradled Danny. ''No.'' I sobbed. My everything. Why wasn't I there? Why didn't they kill me too? I might as well be dead without Danny. I touched his angelic face,and his eyes opened. I screamed and covered my mouth with my hand,blood on my face and body too. ''Thiss iss allll yourr fault.'' Danny spat out in a raspy voice. I felt a hand on my shoulder,I turned around. It was mom,''Why did you do this to me,Rachel?'' I screamed and leaped into the corner. Amy and Camron enter the room,''Why Rachel? Look what he did to me? This is all your fault.'' They're voice were raspy and I felt like I couldn't breath. ''Rachel! Rachel!'' They screamed my name. I covered my ears to block out there screams.

''Rachel! Rachel!'' I opend my eyes to see Danny. Worry and concern in his baby blue eyes. I gasped and touched his beautiful face. ''Danny,'' I whispered in relief. It was only a bad dream. His hand covered mine. ''What's wrong,baby?'' He asked me. Tears spilled out of my eyes as the dream entered my mind. Danny just held me as I cried on his shoulder. I didn't wanna tell him about the dream. I couldn't live without him. I'd do anything to protect them all. I laughed inside my head at the gift Melinda gave me,a tazer. I threw it in my drawer when I found it. I dried my eyes and sniffed,''Nothing;it was just a bad dream.'' I told him. Danny didn't question me about it. ''It's alright,babe.'' He said. He kissed me and I kissed him back. I felt his hands run up and down my back. I laid my head on his chest,''I'm sorry I woke you up.'' Danny smiled and kissed my forehead,''You didn't wake me up. I couldn't sleep. I was just laying here thinking.'' I looked up at him,''About what?'' I asked him. ''About you.About us.'' I smiled. ''I cannot wait til you're officailly mine.'' Danny chucled,''I'm already yours,babe.'' And then I thought about something,''We need to decied on a date. And where we're gonna have the wedding at. And,-Danny we just have a lot to talk about.'' I said getting up. Danny groaned,''Do we have to do it RIGHT now?'' Lazy. ''Now is as good of a time as ever.'' I pulled out my notebook and a pen. ''Okay,so do you have a certain place you want to have it at?'' He looked at me for a moment,''Oh you meant the wedding!'' I rolled my eyes,''Will you please get serious?'' I whined. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and rested his chin on my shoulder,''Okay,babe. I'll be good.'' I chuckled,''You're never good.'' He laughed and nibbled on my ear.

The door flew opened. Theres a habit of that happening in this house. I heard someone call from a short distance,''Kate,I'm sure she's fine.'' Mom walked in and hugged me. I hugged the strange woman back. ''You. . .okay mom?'' I asked her. I heard her softly sobb,''No. I just had a bad dream and had to come make sure you were okay.'' Danny laid on his back,his arms behind his head,muttering something about crazy. Camron stood in the doorway,''Told you.'' Mom looked back at him and stuck her tongue out. I laughed and then I told her,''I had a bad dream too. I don't wanna go back to sleep. So we're planning the wedding.'' Mom clapped her hands together like a little girl. ''Ooh I wanna help! Come on,let's go in the kitchen.'' I heard Danny sign in relief. Nope,he's not getting out of it. I grabbed his arm and pulled him in the kitchen with me. ''Awwww.'' I heard him groan. I rolled my eyes,''Don't be a baby.''

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