Chapter 18(:

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;*.:Chapter 18:.*;

Rachel's Pov

We drove out pretty far. We weren't going anywhere in particular. Just driving for the hell of it. It was pretty nice. It's just kinda hard to believe that after all of these years,daydreaming about what it would be like to meet my father,not even my best dreams can compare to this.

''You know kid,this is great. Only thing that's on my mind is,if you knew about me all these years,why didn't you find me sooner?'' He asked me.

''Funny thing is,she didn't tell me til today. I dunno,when I was little I just thought,hell I've got my mom. If my father doesn't need me,I don't need him. I didn't know that you didn't know about me either.'' I said.

''Wow. So neither of us knew about each other? You're all grown up now. And I doubt you need me to play house with you anymore or build you a tree house. So tell me, what does bring you by?'' He asked with pure curiosity.

''Well I still never had a tree house,'' I winked at him. ''But one of the reasons I wanted to see is because. .I'm getting married.'' I said.

He was quiet for a moment,''So what color are we gonna paint the treehouse?''

I laughed,''What about you? Did you ever get married? Do I have any brothers or sister?''

He laughed,''Nope. I'm still the goodlooking bachelor,I've always been.''

''Now back to the point,will you walk me down the aisle?'' I asked him.

''Of course I will. This is the only chance I'm gonna get to be in your life and do something for you.'' He paused and smirked,''So who's the lucky guy?''

I smiled,''His name is Danny Lexington.''

''Lexington. Say,he wouldn't happen to have a sister by the name of Marie Lexington, would he?'' He asked,

''Yeah he does. Why?'' I asked.

''I used to know his father,you know,before he passed. It's a crying shame about him and his wife.''

I cocked my head,''What exactly did happen?''

''Somehow the train hit their car. No one really knows how it happend. It was investigated and everything. Cops thought someone cut the brake cables.''

I gasped,''So someone tried to kill them?'' He nodded,''Looks like it.''

I was quiet for a moment. Why didn't Danny ever tell me?

''So am I suppose to call you John or Dad?'' I teased.

He laughed,''I've never had anyone call me Dad before. The change might be nice.''

I laughed,''Ok dad. Wow that's kinda weird. I've never called anyone 'dad' before.''

Dad raised his eyebrows,''What about that other fella,you're mom married?''

Haha,the thought of calling Camron 'Dad' is halarious!

''Um. .he's not really the type I'd call dad.'' I said slowly.

Dad gave me a weird look but nodded.

''So you're only job is being the mechanic?'' I asked trying to make a conversation.

''The best damn mechanic there is!'' Dad said proudly.

''Other than me.'' I said teasingly.

My phone started ringing and I answered it,''Hello?''

''Hey honey. It's me. Where are you? Are you okay? Did you meet him?'' Mom asked.

''Oh hey mom. Um. . I'm just. .around. I'm fine. Yeah,I met him. We're going for a drive.'' I told her.

I watched as Dad's eyes got kinda big as he realized I was talking to my mom.

''You wanna speak to her?'' I whispered.

He nodded and took the phone,''Hello,Katie.''

I heard mom say something and Dad smiled. I just drove around while they talked. It was about a hour and we needed some more gas. It was about dark time. And they were still talking. Dang. We pulled back at the auto shop.

''Your mother says you should be on your way back home.'' Dad whispered to me.

I nodded while they continued to talk some more.

''It was good talking to you again,Katie.'' He said. ''I hope so.'' ''See you then.'' ''Yeah,goodnight.''

He handed me the phone again and I raised my eyebrows. We got out of the car and stood there akwardly.

''Don't let it be nineteen years before you find me again.'' Dad said with a smile.

''Yeah well don't let it be another nineteen years before you let me drive this,again?'' I said rubbing the car.

''You know,if you even need some help with that pretty little mustang give me a holler.'' Dad said.

''I will. By the way,you have to wear a tux to the wedding.'' I told him.

''Oh shucks,and here I was thinking I was gonna wear my favorite ball cap and jeans.'' He teased.

I gave him a hug and he hugged me back,''It was um . .nice meeting you,kid. You know,I really would like to be apart of your life. Even if I'm too late.''

I sniffed,''You're not too late,Dad.''

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